The Drew Barrymore Show Writers Opt Out of Returning for New Season (Updated)

The Backstory

“The Drew Barrymore Show” is set to return for its fourth season on October 16, but it will do so without its original trio of Writers Guild of America (WGA) writers. Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon, and Liz Koe have declined an offer to return to the show. This decision comes after a turbulent period for the daytime talk show, which faced backlash last month when Barrymore announced the show would return without its striking writers.

The WGA Strike and Its Aftermath

The show initially planned to return without its writers, who were on strike. However, after facing public backlash and guest cancellations, Barrymore decided to pause the show’s return until the WGA strike concluded. Now that the strike is over, the production is interviewing new writers and will be in compliance with the guild’s regulations.

The Writers’ Stance

White, Kinon, and Koe were vocal in their protest when the show initially announced its return. They were seen picketing outside of Drew’s Manhattan studio with signs supporting union labor. The writers found out about the show’s return not from their colleagues or boss, but via audience ticket giveaways posted on social media. When asked if they planned to return post-strike, White offered a “Maybe no comment.”

Controversy and Apologies

Barrymore’s initial decision to proceed without her writing staff did not violate SAG-AFTRA rules, but it did spark controversy. She later apologized and decided to pause the show until the strike was over. A spokesperson for the show, along with White, Kinon, and Koe, declined to comment further on the situation.

What’s Next?

The show is currently in the process of interviewing new writers and aims to be in compliance with WGA regulations. It remains to be seen how the absence of the original writers will impact the show’s content and reception.


Famed celeb Drew Barrymore recently confirmed that production for “The Drew Barrymore Show” will reconvene despite ongoing strikes by writers and actors. The show, headed into its fourth season, has pledged to stick to strict strike rules.

Clashing Views on the Continuation of The Show

The daytime chat show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” is ready to kickstart its new season amid the existing Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strikes. Drew Barrymore, the show’s eponymous star, affirmed that the production would observe the strike rules. However, a representative from the WGA voiced that Drew is a struck show and are planning to organize picketing outside Barrymore’s studios, a consequence of her decision to continue with production.

Barrymore’s Stance on the Strike

Barrymore, who rose to fame due to her role in “Charlie’s Angels,” recently announced the return of her show on Instagram. The post shares that the fourth season of “The Drew Barrymore Show” would operate in adherence to the regulations of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Previously, Drew opted not to host the MTV Film and TV Awards in May as a show of support for the striking writers. The actress clarified the stance she took during the initial days of the strike, stating it clashed with the core issue the strike was tackling: studios, streamers, film, and television.

Barrymore’s Determined Return to TV Screen

The accomplished actress also shared that her show’s third season wrapped up in April and was not halted due to the strikes. Barrymore shared her decision to resume the show despite the ongoing strike, explaining that the choice to proceed is bigger than just her.

Treading Sensitive Times: Barrymore’s Reflections

Barrymore elucidated her show’s place in the world since first going live amid a global pandemic. She emphasized the show’s aptitude in handling sensitive times and functioning according to current world events.

Barrymore ended her message by expressing her desire to offer the audience what writers excel at – creating a unified experience and making sense of human experiences. She expressed hope for a speedy resolution for all parties involved while also acknowledging the challenges they have faced since the show’s inception.

Strike’s Impact on The Drew Barrymore Show

Despite Barrymore’s assertive stand, according to the WGA, “Drew” is a struck show. As a result of Barrymore’s decision, union members plan to picket outside of her studio this week.

A representative from CBS Media Ventures confirmed that “The Drew Barrymore Show” would not undertake any written work that is covered under the WGA strike. However, the majority of daytime talk shows have continued, as they are not directly impacted by the ongoing WGA strike since most do not work with writers of the union.

Impact on Guests and Future Plans

When “The Drew Barrymore Show” returns, guest actors will have to abide by SAG-AFTRA rules. These include restrictions on discussing or promoting any strike-affected work.

As for the show’s future, the talk show plans to premiere its fourth season on September 18th and is expected to be produced without any literary material. This stance points towards the show’s decision to continue working while respecting and operating within the boundaries set by the ongoing strikes.

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