Tom Sandoval Brands Ariana Madix as ‘Laziest Person’ in Recent Outburst

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars, Ariana Madix (38) and Tom Sandoval (41) are set to separate their living arrangements. According to inside sources, Madix has recently secured a new residence in late March, following the ending of her relationship with the former boyfriend, Sandoval.

Background of the Issue

In a recently deleted scene from the series Vanderpump Rules, Sandoval made several remarks about Madix’s alleged laziness during a conversation with Tom Schwartz and Kyle Chan. He mentioned Madix’s domestic contribution, or lack thereof, using their shared care of a cat, Kitty, as an example of the imbalance.

This isn’t the first occurrence of such disagreements. Previously, Madix had made accusations of Sandoval jeopardizing her dog’s safety earlier in the series season.

Tom’s Side of the Story

Showing support for his friend, Schwartz suggested that their shared living situation was the only thing keeping their relationship alive, although he insisted not stating that disrespectfully.

Sandoval, in his turn, showed an understanding for Madix’s packed schedule and simultaneous house-hunting responsibilities. However, he pointed out that despite this understanding, he could not overlook her inaction due to what he considered as spite.

Ariana’s New Beginnings

Nicknamed ‘spite’ by Sandoval, seems to have taken a positive turn with Madix buying a new house in Los Angeles valued at $1.6 million. Inside sources reveal her excitement about starting fresh farther from her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval.

The same source informed Us Weekly that Madix regards her new home and the consequent distance from Sandoval as the beginning of a new phase in her life. With this change, she hopes to leave behind any negativity associated with her past relationship. The experience has taught her the value of freedom and the importance of taking learning cues from trying times.

Wrapping Up

In viewing the unfolding events of the stars’ lives, audiences can look forward to new developments. As Madix shifts to her new house, the future episodes of the series will perhaps shed light on how the former couple adjusts to their newly independent lives.

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