Summer House’s Amanda and Kyle Deny Pretending to View NJ Homes

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke of Bravo’s Summer House recently sparked speculation about moving to New Jersey. The couple, who got married in 2021 and inhabit a Manhattan loft, were seen considering a property during an episode of the show on April 4. However, some sharp-eyed followers uncovered that the $1.4 million house is actually located in Southampton, New York, not New Jersey, as originally thought.

Instagram Clarifications By Amanda

Upon fan inquiry regarding the geographical confusion around the house, Amanda clarified on Instagram that purchasing a house in New Jersey is not in their immediate plans. The couple had considered the Hamptons property as a potential escape from the city and potential summer rental. However, the high price put an end to these plans.

Couple’s Future Living Plans

Despite the property setback, Batula and Cooke continue to discuss their future living arrangements, with Batula expressing a desire for a change in scenery and Cooke showing affection for their city loft. The discussed Hamptons property was to serve as a get-away location rather than an entire relocation site. Their city loft would continue to be their primary residence while the new property would function more as an investment.

Fertility Concerns Interrupting Family Planning

While the couple continues to navigate their real estate journey, they have also encountered some hurdles in their family planning. Batula has experienced a series of hormonal imbalances and fertility difficulties. In a conversation with Us Weekly in February 2023, Cooke shared that Batula started having symptoms when she went off birth control, leading to weight loss and irregular body functioning. However, he expressed admiration for her resilience during these health challenges.

Summer House on Bravo

In the meantime, the couple’s reality show “Summer House”, where a group of friends share a vacation home during the summer, continues to air on Bravo every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

Wrapping Up

Although the “Summer House” stars may not be on the move to New Jersey as initially speculated, they are definitely contemplating their future home options for both the city and the Hamptons. As they navigate both house hunting and family planning issues, fans continue to tune into their reality TV journey. For more updates on their progress, visit HitPlay.

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