The Rock Reveals How He Put Biden in Office; Gets into Spat with WWE Fan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got into a verbal spat with a fan at last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony where he showed up for an induction of his late grandmother, Lia Maiva.


The Rock, once a beacon of muscular endorsements in the political arena, has decided to bench his political opinions. Citing the ‘enormous’ division his previous endorsement caused, Johnson, in a chat with Fox News (via Variety), reminisced about his 2020 decision to back Joe Biden. “The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was one I thought was the best decision for me at that time,” he mused. Yes, The Rock’s endorsement was the tipping point for America’s political chasm! That was the deciding factor for Joe Biden’s presidency. The freshest TKO Group’s board member faced a wave of disapproval from the audience of “The View” following a clip from his Fox News interview. Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of America and his decision not to endorse President Joe Biden in the upcoming election, leading to audible boos.

Johnson, ever the wrestler, now grapples with an opponent he can’t quite pin down: his own influence. “I was then, the most followed man in the world, and am today, and I appreciate that… but what that caused was something that tears me up in my guts—which is division.” Imagine, The Rock, a man famed for his literal and figurative massive presence, just discovering the divisive nature of American politics because of his singular endorsement. It’s almost as if the country wasn’t already navigating through a minefield of polarization before his groundbreaking revelation.

“I was then, the most followed man in the world, and am today, and I appreciate that… but what that caused was something that tears me up in my guts—which is division.”

With the pussyfooting of someone who’s felt the burn at the box office (especially after Black Adam’s flop), Johnson now aims to be the uniter-in-chief, minus the political endorsements. “My goal is to bring this country together,” he declared, perhaps forgetting for a moment his day job doesn’t involve running for office. No endorsements this time, because, as we all know, the fate of the nation hinged on his previous pronouncement.

Last Night…

After his late grandmother’s induction, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, went from lauding wrestling legends to dropping the people’s elbow, advising a fan that said Johnson “sold out” to “Watch your f**king mouth.” Watch below:

The irony is thick: Johnson, who mulls over his potential to unite or divide a nation politically, doesn’t hesitate to confront a fan over a wrestling comment. It highlights a curious contradiction in Johnson’s public persona—pondering his influence in the political arena while engaging in petty disputes in the wrestling world, all while maintaining a serious demeanor about both.

The Rock: “What was that?” Fan: “Cody’s coming for ya” The Rock: “What was all before that” Fan: “You sold out” The Rock: “That’s right, That’s what I fucking thought, Watch your fucking mouth.”

The Rock Finally Picks a Side

Even though Dwayne Johnson made it very clear he is not here to cause division. That said, here’s another nugget from his Fox News interview. “Today’s cancel culture, woke culture, division, etc.—that really bugs me,” he expressed. The Rock’s solution? Just be real, but not too real. Heaven forbid your authenticity includes actual opinions that might divide—or worse, dent those box office receipts.

So, as Johnson steps back into the political shadows, one can’t help but ponder: Will the absence of The Rock’s endorsement heal the nation? Or will it merely keep his image carefully polished for both sides of the aisle? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, Johnson’s trust in the American people remains unshaken. “I do trust the American people,” he affirmed, ready to support the chosen leader, as long as he doesn’t have to publicly pick a side.

Wrapping Up

In the end, Dwayne Johnson’s newfound political silence is a tale as old as time: celebrity realizes the weight of their influence, retreats, and America continues on, slightly bemused by the seriousness of it all. For more insights and updates, remember to visit Hitplay.

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