Dwayne Johnson Celebrates Birthday During Moana Recording Session

The famously busy Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” recently stepped back into his role of the demi-god Maui for the upcoming ‘Moana 2’ and its live-action remake. The actor’s return was marked by a surprise birthday celebration from his ‘Moana’ crew during a recording session. Johnson’s birthday party was held on May 2, and he shared this special moment on his social media platforms.

Unveiling of Birthday Celebration

In his post, Johnson depicted an intimate party setup that included Tommy Kail, the director, and vocal supervisor Alex Lacamoire. The surprise followed the recording of his signature ‘Moana’ tune in a new version. Johnson added humor to his post by commenting on the possibility that a surprise birthday celebration might be hidden somewhere in the contract clauses of Disney talents. He considered the special treatment on his birthday as additional evidence of the Disney magic.

Work on Moana Continues

Amid his birthday festivities, Johnson revealed that he had completed the vocal recordings for ‘Moana 2.’ He expressed excitement at the speed with which the project was taking shape, especially now that the live-action remake was moved to the summer movie schedule of 2026. In fun fashion, he provided fans with a sneak peek at an early version of his re-recorded tune, “You’re Welcome.”

Busy Schedule for The Rock

As Johnson enters his 52nd year of life, his acting career appears far from slowing down. Alongside reprising Maui’s antics, he is also venturing into transformative roles like his part in the upcoming A24 biopic, ‘The Smashing Machine.’ Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to enjoy life and acknowledge the efforts of his creative team.

Looking Forward to Moana’s Release

The live-action remake of ‘Moana‘ is set for release on July 10, 2026. However, ‘Moana 2’ is slated for a surprising, but welcomed, November 27 debut in 2024. Fans eager to revisit the original ‘Moana’ journey need only a ‘Disney+ subscription’ for a nostalgic trip.

Wrapping Up

Dwayne Johnson continues to be a force to reckon with in Hollywood, balancing numerous roles and responsibilities with a contagious love for life. As he continues his work on the ‘Moana’ projects, fans around the world await the debut of ‘Moana 2’ and its subsequent live-action remake. For more entertainment news, visit HitPlay.

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