Moana 2 Arrival May Push 2025 Remake Off Its Summer Slot

The whirl of excitement hasn’t waned amongst Moana’s fan base since Disney CEO, Bob Iger, unveiled plans for a sequel and live-action remake of the beloved 2016 animated movie. With the animated sequel scheduled for a November release, speculations are rife about possible tweaks to the release date of the live-action version, a Dwayne Johnson-starrer, initially set for June 27, 2025.

A Closer Look at the Moana Saga

The Moana franchise has proven to be a lucrative bet for Disney, underlining CEO Bob Iger’s faith in the project. The sequel, initially slated as an animated TV show, was upgraded to a theatrical release, thanks to the impressive performance of the original Moana on Disney+ and the encouraging preview of the sequel.

The 2016 animated blockbuster has clinched the title of the most streamed movie in the U.S. in 2023, as per Nielsen. A testament to its unwavering popularity, the original Moana film has surpassed 1 billion hours streamed on Disney+. Iger eagerly anticipates the release of Moana 2, ensuring more adventures with Moana and Maui for the fans come this November.

Animated Powerhouses to the Forefront

The announcement comes at a critical juncture for Disney, a powerhouse for $1 billion animated movies, grappling with high-profile misses in titles like Pixar’s Lightyear and Disney Animation’s Strange World. CEO Iger remains unfazed, banking on tried-and-true animated franchises such as Toy Story, Zootopia, and Frozen, which all have sequels slated for the upcoming years.

Iger highlighted the importance of these films in driving subscriptions, engagement, and growth in their experiences businesses, and believes they will serve as important anchors on their global streaming platforms.

Voices of Moana

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While Disney remains tight-lipped about the complete cast of the animated sequel, Auli’l Cravalho is expected to return as the voice behind Moana. And adding more star power, Dwayne Johnson, who gave voice to the demigod Maui, will star in the live-action version which is in production at Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions.

Wrapping Up

With Disney’s confirmed plan of an animated Moana sequel arriving in theaters this year and a live-action remake of the original on the horizon, fans of the Polynesian princess are in for a treat. Eager to follow latest on Moana or binge-watch other trending movies? Visit HitPlay now!

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