Kevin Costner Discusses Possible Return to ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner has recently divulged his desire to reprise his role in the concluding episodes of “Yellowstone,” yet his hope feels far-fetched considering the recent comments by Taylor Sheridan, the creative mind behind the show. In a conversation with Hollywood Reporter, Sheridan expressed his ambivalence on the matter but also recognized the challenges Costner had to face.

Creators’ Remarks on Costner’s Role in ‘Yellowstone’

In the interview, when questioned about the fate of Costner’s character, John Dutton, Sheridan affirmed that Dutton won’t die in “a f*ck-you car crash.” Regardless, he made it clear that he had no authority over scheduling issues and could only contribute to the creative aspect.

Sheridan further praised Costner’s acting, and despite the ensuing controversies, he stated his opinion of Costner as an actor remained unchanged.

In response to this, Costner communicated to Deadline about his new film, Horizon, set to debut at Cannes Film Festival. He expressed his discontent with critics who had targeted him.

Costner’s Take on the ‘Yellowstone’ Controversy

Costner defended himself stating, “I made Yellowstone the first priority, and to suggest anything else would be wrong. I did not initiate any of the issues, they did.” He further elaborated on his lack of comment on the issue earlier: “I had been busy working, enough so that I didn’t have to retaliate against the criticisms I had been receiving during the past year and a half.”

“Horizon”– Costner’s New Film

Alongside the controversy, Costner’s new film, ‘Horizon,’ will premiere, not competing, on Sunday, May 19. According to Hollywood Reporter, the film has already found a market in France. The film will be split into the first two chapters both being released by Warner Bros. in the U.S. on June 28th and August 16th respectively.

Wrapping Up

Despite all the controversy surrounding his role in ‘Yellowstone,’ Costner continues to remain busy in the world of film making. His latest directorial venture, ‘Horizon,’ is set to keep him in the limelight. To stream the latest movies and series, visit HitPlay.

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