Kevin Costner Opens Up About His Departure From ‘Yellowstone’

The production for the fifth and concluding season of the popular series ‘Yellowstone’ commenced this week, while the former main lead, Kevin Costner, disclosed details about his abrupt departure from the show.

Costner, who previously remained reticent regarding the matter, recently opened up about the circumstances surrounding his exit from the series on the esteemed platform GQ. “I’ve been quiet about the whole thing and I’ve taken a beating out there. My castmates are confused. The crew was confused,” he expressed. Kevin stated that he initially accepted various delays in the production since he enjoyed working on the show.

Costner’s Concerns and Conflicts with ‘Yellowstone’

Costner explained to GQ that the decision to split the final season into two parts led to his dissatisfaction. The first segment of the fifth season aired in January 2023 and was followed by an immediate hiatus, prompting Costner’s concern for his next project, ‘Horizon’.

Costner highlighted his issues with ‘Yellowstone’ culminating when his intended single-week availability for the series was misconstrued and widely reported as his unwillingness to work beyond seven days. The star conveyed his chagrin over the lack of effort by his former employer — Paramount and 101 Productions — to rectify public misunderstandings regarding his work ethic and commitment.

Will Costner Make a Comeback to ‘Yellowstone’?

In response to queries about a possible return to ‘Yellowstone’, Costner stated that it would be contingent upon the script and the decision of show creator Taylor Sheridan. He mentioned his affection for his character and the world of ‘Yellowstone’ but emphasized the importance of the script aligning with what matters to him.

Touching upon the issue, Sheridan told Hollywood Reporter, “I sure hope [the movie is] worth it — and that it’s a good one. He took a lot of this on the chin and I don’t know that anyone deserves it.”

Costner’s Continued Success

Despite the controversies involving ‘Yellowstone’, the actor-director’s film ‘Horizon’ was met with accolades at the Cannes Film Festival, earning a seven-minute standing ovation.

Wrapping Up

Costner’s departure, marked by misunderstandings and disputes, underscores the unanticipated dynamics that can characterize high-stakes media productions. Yet, the veteran actor’s sheer talent and commitment remain undeterred, mirrored by the success of ‘Horizon’ in Cannes. As for a potential return to the world of ‘Yellowstone’, only time will tell. For more updates and entertainment news, visit HitPlay.

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