‘Family Feud’ Sparks Rumors of Plot Twist for ‘9-1-1’s’ Eddie Diaz

The upcoming episode of the iconic game show, ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ will feature the cast members of ‘9-1-1’, leading fans to speculate about a possible twist for Ryan Guzman’s character, Eddie Diaz. The announcement was made on Saturday, April 6, when the actors shared behind-the-scenes clips for their followers on social media. The team from ‘9-1-1’ is set to compete against the cast from Amazon Freevee’s ‘Jury Duty’ later this summer.

Queer Representation on the Show

The cast members representing ‘9-1-1’ on the episode of ‘Family Feud’ include Ryan Guzman, Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, Bryan Safi, and Tracie Thoms. Fans have observed that all these actors, except for Guzman, portray queer characters on the series ‘9-1-1’. Hinds and Thoms have played the lesbian couple Hen and Karen from the inception of the show, while Safi’s character Josh is a gay 9-1-1 operator. Stark’s character, Buck, came out as bisexual in the hundredth episode of the series.

Guzman’s character Eddie is the only one who has been portrayed as heterosexual during the seven seasons of the series. This discrepancy has drawn attention from fans, leading to speculation on social media about Eddie’s character development.

Social Media Speculations

Fans have been theorizing about the possibility of Eddie Diaz coming out on the show. Remarks about this on social media range from „Does this mean Eddie is gay?“ to „My favorite thing about the ‘9-1-1’ cast doing celebrity ‘Family Feud’ is that every one of these people plays a canonically queer character (except Ryan, but…it’s just a matter of time).” Some fans have gone to the extent of suggesting that ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ might have inadvertently released a spoiler about Eddie’s character.

Implications of Show Timings

Some fans have also suggested that the timing of the scheduled episode, coinciding potentially with the Pride Month in June, could be indicative of an upcoming plot reveal concerning Eddie’s character. Also, the choice to include Thoms and Safi, who play recurring characters on ‘9-1-1, over other main cast members like Kenneth Choi, Peter Krause, and Angela Bassett, has caused further speculation among fans.

Contemplating Possible Character Development

A large part of the audience has been rooting for Eddie and his best friend Buck to become a couple ever since Guzman became part of the series. Buck’s first kiss with a man was showcased in the April 4 episode, heating up these speculations. Fans believe that after Buck explores his sexuality, Eddie could also have his own coming out journey.

Word from the Showrunners

Tim Minear, the showrunner for ‘9-1-1’, has offered some clarity on the character dynamics between Buck and Eddie. The April 11 episode is expected to explain the tension between the two characters, with Minear stating that Buck has deep feelings for his best friend Eddie, and it causes him pain to hide something from him. As for the romantic angle, for now, both characters are on individual journeys.

Minear also emphasized that Eddie’s character has a complicated relationship with his place in the world and this will be delved into more in subsequent episodes.

Wrapping Up

The inclusion of the cast from ‘9-1-1’ in an upcoming episode of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ has fans buzzing with speculation about plot revelations. Whether the episode hints at a significant character development for Ryan Guzman’s Eddie remains to be seen. For up-to-date reviews and summaries of your favorite television shows, visit HitPlay.

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