Carrie’s Actual BFF on ‘And Just Like That…’ Season 2 is Not Miranda or Charlotte

When it comes to friendships on And Just Like That…, it’s not just the OG trio of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda that steals the spotlight. While fans adore the evolution of these friendships, it’s actually Carrie’s relationship with her millennial friend Lisette Alee (played by Katerina Tannenbaum) that has become the most intriguing aspect of the series’ second season. Here’s why their unexpected connection should be celebrated.

Their Rocky Start Blossoms into Genuine Connection

In the first encounter, Carrie finds herself irked by Lisette and her noisy millennial crew. But as they navigate their initial discomfort, both begin to see the admirable qualities in each other. Eventually, this leads to a real friendship based on mutual respect and genuine admiration.

The Beauty in Their Age Gap

One of the most compelling dynamics of their friendship is the age difference. Although it initially creates tension—Carrie hates being called “ma’am,” while Lisette is embarrassed about her immature squabbles with her boyfriend—the age gap soon becomes an avenue for beautiful connections. Their varied experiences in life bring depth to their friendship and even make for some comforting heart-to-hearts in the harsh dating scene of New York.

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Wisdom Shared Is Wisdom Gained

Carrie, with her treasure trove of life experiences, becomes a mentor of sorts to Lisette, who is relatively new to the city’s hustle. Whether it’s bouncing back from a relationship or dealing with career setbacks like stolen jewelry, Carrie becomes a beacon of wisdom and emotional support for Lisette. In return, Lisette invigorates Carrie with youthful energy and an updated outlook on modern life.

Carrie’s Transformation Through Lisette’s Eyes

Lisette becomes an affirming presence in Carrie’s life. Whether it’s praising her fashion choices or being an avid fan of her podcast, Lisette makes Carrie feel relevant. For someone navigating the anxieties of aging, this younger friend serves as a refreshing reminder that age is just a number.

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Sex and the City Vibes

The parallels between a younger Carrie and Lisette aren’t lost on the audience. From their shared experiences in the dating world to their struggles in a creative field, Lisette echoes the Carrie we knew and loved from Sex and the City. It’s fascinating to watch her navigate a world that’s both so different yet eerily similar to the one Carrie lived through decades ago.

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A Plea for More Intergenerational Friendships on Screen

Carrie and Lisette’s friendship might be a sub-plot, but its impact is undeniable. This begs for more screen time in the upcoming third season, not only to explore the layers of their friendship but also to normalize such intergenerational relationships in pop culture. The dynamic between them enriches both their lives, and there’s so much more that could be unearthed from this unique relationship.

A Trendsetter in the Making?


Although the show isn’t without its faults, this particular friendship stands as a testament to the beauty of friendships that transcend age. One can only hope that their relationship not only deepens in future episodes but also paves the way for other stories that celebrate the richness of intergenerational friendships.

And Just Like That… Season 2 is now available to stream on Max.

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