Kaitlyn Dever Faces Alien Invasion in ‘No One Will Save You’ Trailer

The scare-inducing film “No One Will Save You” will be taking over Hulu’s screens exclusively this coming Fall.

What’s the Buzz About?

Horror film enthusiasts have something new to look forward to as the first trailer for “No One Will Save You” hits the screens. Developed under the 20th Century Studios banner, the film pushes boundaries by fusing the well-worn home invasion trope with a thrilling extraterrestrial element. The film, scheduled for a Hulu exclusive unveiling on September 22, will be directed by Brian Duffield and star Kaitlyn Dever in the leading role.

The trailer portrays Dever’s character battling a terrifying home invasion {whose origins are not of this world. Standby for the classic beam-up light and exhilarating action sequences that bring new energy to the age-old alien narrative.

Chilling Atmosphere Sets the Stage

The trailer highlights a spooky, eerie environment, which combined with the home invasion theme, promises an enthralling viewing experience. While the glimpse we got of the terrifying alien was brief, its resemblance to the creatures of ‘A Quiet Place’ definitely sent shivers down our spine. While we wait for more details to surface, with the Hulu premiere only weeks away, the wait won’t be too long.

Hulu Continues Partnership with 20th Century Studios

With a few exceptions, such as ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ and ‘The Boogeyman’, it seems that most of 20th Century Studio’s releases are choosing to partner with Hulu. This move comes after the successful Disney’s acquisition of Fox. The streaming–based release model could prove beneficial for a low-budget endeavor like “No One Will Save You”, particularly during a busy movie season filled with big-screen horror films. Whether the film will find its audience time will tell, but for now, let’s delve into the first trailer.

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‘No One Will Save You’ will exclusively arrive on Hulu on September 22.

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