Lisa Vanderpump Tells Hannah to ‘Get Her Act Together’

In recent developments on the hit show Vanderpump Villa, Lisa Vanderpump has expressed concerns over the controversial behavior of cast member Hannah Fouch. During the episode aired on May 6, Vanderpump pulls no punches when confronting Hannah about her apparent discord with several castmates, primarily due to issues concerning ex-flame Marciano Brunette.

Vanderpump’s Stern Confrontation

During a discussion meant to address Hannah’s tense relations with fellow co-stars, Vanderpump shared her insights with the 28-year-old. Stressing the importance of maintaining professional relationships, she underlined the importance of not allowing her past with Marciano to affect her relationship with fellow cast members.

Furthermore, Vanderpump pointed out that holding grudges based on past relationships was futile, especially considering that Brunette, 31, was no longer romantically involved with Hannah. The well-known restaurateur emphasized that Hannah’s actions did not reflect positivity but instead exuded hostility.

Vanderpump’s Mediation and Feedback

After witnessing the onscreen disputes between Hannah and her co-stars, Vanderpump decided to intervene and offered her guidance. She stressed that the issue wasn’t just confined to Vanderpump Villa but extended to personal development as well.

Elaborating on her confrontation with Hannah later, Vanderpump expressed her frustration about the situation, emphasizing the need for Hannah to resolve her issues quickly as she lacked the time and patience to continuously mediate.

Hannah’s Feuds with Vanderpump Villa Co-stars

Hannah experienced ongoing disagreements with several Vanderpump Villa cast members, including Priscila Ferrari, Grace Cottrell, and Emily Kovacs. After Priscila’s exit from the show, Nikki Millman took her place, but it didn’t take long for Hannah to have an onscreen conflict with her as well. The root cause of most of these disagreements originates from issues related to Marciano Brunette.

Hannah’s Relevant History with Marciano

Before they joined the reality series, Hannah and Marciano were a couple, but allegations of infidelity led to their breakup. Despite this, both agreed that working together had proven helpful and comforting. This is consistent with their past experiences in Las Vegas, where they had worked together multiple times, irrespective of their relationship status.

However, their assurances to Vanderpump about having a professional relationship at work contrasted with their behavior on the set, leading to several interpersonal clashes.

Wrapping Up

Vanderpump Villa continues to provide viewers with riveting content, with personalities clashing and interpersonal relationships becoming increasingly complex. As the show unfolds, fans can look forward to more remarkable insights into the lives of its stars. For more exciting drama, exclusives, and all episodes up to date, head onto HitPlay.

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