Sterling K. Brown Predicts Oscar Loss to Robert Downey Jr.

While leading the Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor race for his role in “American Fiction”, Sterling K. Brown modestly anticipates his not winning the march. Nevertheless, the accomplished actor pronounces himself “totally fine” with it. He graciously praises co-nominee Robert Downey Jr. and humbly admires his fellow nominees, marking his steadfast humility.

Just Content to Be in the Room

The “This Is Us” actor quipped during a recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show”, “There’s no losing yet — it’ll happen in its own due time.” Despite some pushback from Graham Norton and other guests, who believe Brown still stands a good chance of winning, Brown remained ever modest.

Predicting Other’s Victories

In an intriguing prediction of the outcome of the Oscar race, Brown suggested that his fellow nominee, Colman Domingo, who was also a guest on the show, and who received an Oscar nod for best leading actor for “Rustin,” was the likely winner. When it comes to his own chances, Brown resignedly stated, “I know that I’m not going to win.”

Praises for Fellow Nominee Robert Downey Jr.

Despite his own stellar performance in “American Fiction”, Brown believes that Robert Downey Jr., another nominee, is the most deserving to win. An impressed Brown said about Downey Jr., who is starring in “Oppenheimer”, that he’s an incredible actor and should be given due attention. Furthermore, Brown expressed elation at simply being nominated alongside such talented actors as Downey Jr., Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, and Mark Ruffalo.

Graham Norton’s Teasing Remarks

A clearly tickled Graham Norton quipped about the hilarity if Brown did, despite his predictions, wind up winning the Academy Award. His predicted response, mimicking Brown: “I can’t believe I won!”

Brown’s Insights on the Film

Brown, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter last month, spoke highly of “American Fiction”, directed by Cord Jefferson and adapted from Percival Everett’s 2001 novel “Erasure.” He declared it as “one of the best scripts I’d ever read,” and praised it for its ability to critique and challenge the film industry’s portrayal of Black life for mass consumption.

Wrapping Up

In a world where winning sometimes seems like everything, it’s refreshing to see an actor like Sterling K. Brown approach the realms of competitive awards with such grace and humility. Win or lose, it’s a pleasure to see such talent and humility on display. For more updates and reviews, do stop by at HitPlay.

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