David Beckham’s Viral ‘Be Honest’ Moment Backfires

During their Netflix special, “Beckham,” David Beckham jokingly corrected his wife, Victoria, when she claimed to have grown up in a “working class” environment. The incident occurred during Victoria’s interview session for the special, an unexpected moment that both the audience and the production team found humorous. David’s unexpected interruption, initially seen as a disruption, was later recognized as contributing to the essence of the special. This particular incident showcases the playful dynamics of their relationship that the audience loves.

Behind the Scene of Victoria’s Interview

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David Beckham’s unexpected appearance during Victoria’s interview was quite the surprise. The former professional football player was not expected to be home during the filming. But to everyone’s surprise, David made a timely appearance just as Victoria made the claim of them being “working class”. For those who missed this light-hearted incident on Netflix, here’s your chance to witness it.

The Unscripted Moment

During Emmys For Your Consideration event, Beckham revisited the incident along with director Fisher Stevens. Fisher, initially unhappy with Beckham’s unplanned interruption, later acknowledged it as an entertaining add-on to the production. In Beckham’s recount of the incident, he said, “It was Victoria’s first day filming, and she was sat there in the lounge, looking great. She had the dogs running in and out and Fisher thought that I’d left the house, but I was in the kitchen making a coffee before I went to the office … I put the set of headphones on, and all of a sudden I heard my wife go, ‘Well, we’re down to earth.’ … And I was like, ‘No, no, no.’ As soon as I heard her say, ‘We’re working class,’ I stuck my head in and I was like, ‘Be honest.’”

Fisher’s Reconciliation with the Interruption

Although initially disappointed with David’s interruption, Fisher later realized the charm it added to the event. Admitting to being “quite upset,” he later remarked that the incident turned out to be a stroke of brilliance. Equating his realization to finding “gold,” he praised Beckham for his humor.

Wrapping Up

The unscripted incident of David Beckham interrupting Victoria’s interview during the filming of their Netflix special “Beckham” turns out to be an entertaining facet of the production. It is a delightful snippet showcasing their love and rapport, while also emphasizing Beckham’s sense of humor.

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