Dylan O’Brien Discusses Physical Transformation for ‘Ponyboi’

Recently, fans were taken by surprise when images of actor Dylan O’Brien surfaced on social media. Best known for his shaggy hair and beard, O’Brien was nearly unrecognizable with a styled fade, eyebrow slits, abundant chains, and a chinstrap beard. The pictures, released by Ponyboi shooting gaffer Don Sean, featured the actor in a drastically altered appearance for the film. The Internet instantly went into a frantic discussion over this transformation, which deviated considerably from the actor’s regular appearance.

A Collaboratively Constructed Character

Speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, O’Brien, together with his co-star River Gallo who also wrote the film, shared the backstory behind the character’s transformed look. The visual representation of the character wasn’t a singular decision but rather a combined effort among O’Brien himself, Gallo, and the film’s director, Esteban Arango.

Gallo wanted to go for a Jersey Shore-inspired style aligning with the film’s Jersey setting, while O’Brien intended to give his character a cropped hair look.

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Finding the Right Aesthetic

They eventually found the perfect cut that incorporated their different ideas. Recalling a moment during the makeover process, O’Brien mentioned how Gallo was insistent about keeping the chinstrap beard, a decision both found fruitful in the end.

Gallo further suggested a tattoo for O’Brien’s character, which the Teen Wolf alum was thrilled about. It remains a surprise awaiting the movie’s release.

Character Morphing to Life

Once the physical elements fell into the right place, O’Brien claimed to have fully grasped his character. Recognizing the unfamiliar nature of the avatar, he acknowledged that costume, hairstyle, and overall makeover significantly informed the character’s spirit. With each evolving addition such as tattoos, hair, and outfits, the actor found himself stepping into the character’s persona more convincingly.

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Wrapping Up

In the end, an actor’s transformation for a role doesn’t solely rely on mere acting skills but on several physical attributes that collectively give life to the character. Dylan O’Brien’s blend of art and physical transformation in the upcoming Ponyboi movie is a testament to this aspect of filmmaking. For more such insightful reviews and updates, head on to https://hitplay.app.

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