Jerry Seinfeld Gives Ryan Gosling Press Tour Advice on ‘SNL’

In recent episodes of Saturday Night Live, renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling discussed their recent experiences on intense press tours. Seinfeld appeared on the episode airing on May 4, promoting the Netflix show Unfrosted, while Dua Lipa served as the show’s host and musical guest.

Seinfeld’s SNL Involvement

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During the “Weekend Update” segment, host Colin Jost introduced Seinfeld as a guest, noting that the actor was doing a significant amount of press work. Seinfeld humorously played along, expressing confusion about his whereabouts due to his packed schedule. With Seinfeld appearing on various platforms, including The Rich Eisen Show, Jost questioned how one manages such an overwhelming press tour.

Seinfeld Gives Insight into Press

Seinfeld acknowledged the difficult nature of handling an excessive press schedule, noting that one often realizes the extent of their commitments through others. He mentioned previous meetings with media personalities such as Hoda Kotb and Mo Rocca while offering reassurance, saying, “If you’re struggling with press, you’re not alone.”

A Message to Ryan Gosling

Seinfeld furthered his message by addressing Gosling specifically. Due to Gosling just finishing extensive press tours for his recent projects Barbie and The Fall Guy, Seinfeld connected with the actor’s situation and offered his support.

Gosling on SNL

In addition to his recent press work, Gosling also hosted an episode of SNL in April, promoting his movie The Fall Guy in which he co-stars with Emily Blunt. Gosling humorously made it a point to avoid discussing his role in Barbie, showing his readiness to move onto new projects.

Wrapping Up

Both Seinfeld and Gosling shone a light on the demands of press tours in their recent appearances on Saturday Night Live, making it a topic of relevance and interest for both their fans and industry insiders. As we continue to follow their careers, we hope to see more of these honest and lighthearted moments that break the standard ‘press tour’ mold. For more such content and updates, visit HitPlay.

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