Oliver Stark Discusses Buck’s Bisexual Undertones in “9-1-1”

Oliver Stark, known for his role as Evan “Buck” Buckley on the hit series “9-1-1,” recently shed light on his character’s initial meeting with Eddie Diaz, portrayed by Ryan Guzman, suggesting it contained elements of bisexual confusion. This insight came during Stark’s appearance on the “I’ve Never Said This Before” podcast, adding depth to the complex dynamics of Buck’s character development over the seasons.

A Moment of Cinematic Undertones

The scene in question occurs during the first episode of Season 2, marking Eddie’s entry into the 118 firehouse. It’s a memorable introduction—Eddie appears shirtless, accompanied by the tune “Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Pepa, as Buck turns around in slow motion to see him for the first time. Stark humorously acknowledges this setup, hinting at a blend of jealousy and insecurity within Buck, which viewers initially interpreted as an indicator of his emerging bisexuality.

Developing Dynamics

Over six seasons, Buck and Eddie have transitioned from strangers to best friends, a journey that Stark finds rewarding to portray, especially as it explores Buck’s internal struggles and growth. Their relationship, affectionately dubbed “Buddie” by fans, has sparked discussions and hopes for a romantic evolution, something Stark himself is open to exploring, depending on the series’ trajectory.

Addressing Queer Storylines with Sensitivity

In a recent turn of events during the show’s 100th episode, Buck openly identifies as bisexual following a significant experience with a same-sex kiss. This development has sparked further curiosity about his relationships, particularly with Eddie, who, up to the latest season, has primarily been involved with women. Stark expressed a keen awareness of the sensitivity required in portraying queer narratives authentically without falling into clichéd territory.

Cast and Fan Reactions

Ryan Guzman, portraying Eddie, echoes a supportive sentiment for the evolving storyline between the two characters, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the genuine connection and vulnerability that defines their relationship. This bond not only resonates deeply with the audience but also mirrors the actors’ own evolving rapport throughout the series.

Wrapping Up

As “9-1-1” continues to navigate complex personal dynamics and challenging emergencies, the evolving relationship between Buck and Eddie remains a focal point of interest and discussion among fans and critics alike. Whether their relationship takes a romantic turn or continues to exemplify a profound friendship, it underscores the series’ commitment to exploring diverse and authentic human experiences.

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