Sydney Sweeney Flaunts Minidress on Fallon, Talks Hiding Snacks in Pregnancy Belly

Sydney Sweeney is truly taking Hollywood by storm. Her recent film, Anyone But You, is shattering box office records, and earlier this year, she showcased her brilliant acting skills in Madame Web. Now, her new movie Immaculate is poised to hit theaters. In this film, Sweeney plays a nun who mysteriously becomes pregnant. And interestingly enough, she found that this role came with some unexpected perks! In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, she revealed that the hollow space of her fake pregnancy belly was the perfect place to stash snacks on set! In fact, she said that she often had Sour Patch Kids nearby for a quick treat.

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Making the Most of the Role

The anticipation for Immaculate is further heightened by its captivating trailer. Hearing Sweeney’s humorous account of the on-set antics, including her creative snack hiding spot, underscores the intriguing contrast between the seriousness of horror films and the fun of their production. Sweeney embraced this unique climate, adding an engaging element of humor to her challenging role. She even involved her family members in the film, flying her grandmothers to Italy, where Immaculate was shot, to have them featured as extras.

Fashion Choices at the Interview

While Sweeney may have used her fake pregnancy belly as a hidden snack space, her recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show emphasized her impeccable style. She turned heads with a stunning black and white strapless mini dress. The dress was reminiscent of the elegant attire Halle Bailey sported during an Actors on Actors interview earlier this year, but Sweeney added her touch with a slightly tighter corset bodice and black trim at the top.


Strapless Style

The fashion industry has recently been dominated by backless dresses and other revealing trends. However, the resurgence of strapless dresses like the one Sweeney wore offers valuable and comfortable support to women. This style has been favored by other celebrities like Rachel Zegler, indicating a possible trend shift in the fashion industry.

Upcoming Fashion: Immaculate’s Release

Fans can look forward to more stylish outfits from Sweeney in the near future as the promotional events for Immaculate ramp up. The movie is set to release on March 22, 2024, giving the actress plenty of opportunities to showcase her fashion-forward looks on the red carpet.

Wrapping Up

Sydney Sweeney continues to amaze us both on and off-screen with her exceptional acting talent and unforgettable style. She keeps the audience engaged, whether it’s in a powerhouse role like in Immaculate or during her amusing anecdotes in interviews. We look forward to seeing more of her performances, and of course, her upcoming fashion looks. For more on the latest in film, head over to HitPlay.

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