Lindsay Lohan Emotional About Returning to Disney for Freaky Friday 2

Lindsay Lohan has returned to acting, starring in two holiday romantic comedies on Netflix, with a third set for release later this year during the Christmas season. While her foray into more mature roles has showcased her talents, the movies, including Irish Wish, have not fared well with critics. However, Lohan is now returning to her Disney roots to appear in Freaky Friday 2.

Freaky Friday 2: What Fans Can Expect

Fans have eagerly awaited a sequel to Freaky Friday. Anticipation grew when Jamie Lee Curtis and Lohan hinted at the possibility. Production has officially started, but apart from Curtis sharing a memory, not much is known about the film.

Last week, Lohan discussed the sequel and her experience as a mother during an interview on Good Morning America. An emotional moment, reflecting on her return to the Disney Studios lot, was omitted from the final cut of the interview but is circulating on Lindsay Lohan Fan Update accounts on social media. Lohan expressed her feelings about being back on set:

Being back on the Disney lot because that’s not just Freaky Friday for me. That’s The Parent Trap. That’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. That’s Herbie. It’s so many moments for me, so when I got there I kind of felt like this essence of a little kid again. I’m so grateful for every moment of it, just every second. It’s just — I’m going to like get emotional. It’s a great experience.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan’s Disney Legacy

Many childhood actors do not reflect fondly on their early careers, especially those from Disney. However, Lohan’s emotional return to the studio that launched her career is refreshing. Lohan became Disney’s live-action “it” girl in the early 2000s. Her career took off with her dual role in Disney’s The Parent Trap reboot. Five years later, she transitioned to young adult roles with Freaky Friday. She then appeared in several Disney films and even had a cameo in the musical adaptation of Mean Girls.

Future Projects

There’s a possibility Lohan might revisit other iconic roles. Her The Parent Trap co-star, Lisa Ann Walter, is advocating for a sequel.

Wrapping Up

Fans can stream Lohan’s classic Disney roles on Disney+. Keep an eye on upcoming 2024 releases; while Freaky Friday 2 won’t be out yet, Lohan’s Netflix Christmas movie will be available. For more updates, visit HitPlay.

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