COVID Madness Drove Cate Blanchett All the Way to Borderlands

Cate Blanchett’s surprising role in the upcoming Borderlands film adaptation has an equally surprising origin story. The pandemic, with its lockdowns and upheavals, led many to unexpected ventures, and Blanchett’s decision to join Eli Roth’s post-apocalyptic project is a standout example.

In an interview with Empire, Blanchett revealed that “COVID madness” was a driving factor in her joining the cast of Borderlands. During lockdown, Blanchett found herself spending an unusual amount of time in the garden, using a chainsaw “a little too freely,” which oddly enough helped her connect with Roth’s vision for the film. Her husband, witnessing her unconventional pandemic activities, even suggested that taking the role might be beneficial for her sanity, quipping, “This film could save your life.”

Blanchett’s journey into the Borderlands universe wasn’t without its challenges. Known more for her dramatic roles, she admitted that her thumbs “can barely control a phone.” Despite this, she committed to understanding the game’s appeal by purchasing a PS5 and diving into gameplay, fan culture, and even makeup tutorials. This dedication showcases her commitment to immersing herself in the role, proving that even A-list stars can find themselves navigating new and unexpected territories.

This unusual casting decision highlights the unpredictable nature of the pandemic’s impact on the entertainment industry, bringing an unexpected twist to Blanchett’s illustrious career.

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