Lala Kent: Sassy queen of Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent, the fearless pot-stirrer on Vanderpump Rules, has been making Bravo fans’ jaws drop since she first appeared on the show in 2015. With her bold personality and knack for stirring up drama, Lala has become a fan favorite and has been involved in some of the most memorable moments in the show’s history.

One standout moment was during Season 4 when Lala called out Jax Taylor for lying. During a group trip to Hawaii, Lala was confronted by Brittany Cartwright, who had heard rumors of Lala getting cozy with Jax. While Lala took responsibility for her part in the flirtation, Jax failed to own up to his actions.

At a heated dinner, Lala courageously told Brittany the truth about Jax’s infidelity and demanded that he be honest. This explosive confrontation showcased Lala’s fearlessness in standing up to the original Vanderpump rules stars.

Another iconic Lala moment occurred in Season 7 when she confronted Raquel Leviss. Lala has never been shy about her dislike for James Kennedy’s ex-fiancé and has never missed an opportunity to put Raquel in her place. After overhearing a conversation where Raquel accused Lala of using her father’s passing to avoid taking responsibility, Lala unleashed a verbal assault on Raquel. Insults were hurled, including Lala referring to Raquel as a “bambi-eyed b****.” This unforgettable moment inspired Lala to release a Bambi-Eyed B**** eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Raquel, showcasing her ability to turn a viral moment into a business opportunity.

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During her time on Vanderpump Rules, Lala faced opposition from some cast members, including Kristen Doute. Despite the cold reception, Lala stood her ground and confronted Kristen at the Season 4 reunion. She accused Kristen of talking behind her back, calling her “malicious” and criticizing her for passing judgment without giving her a fair chance. Fans loved seeing Lala standing up for herself and not allowing herself to be a punching bag for the cast.

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Lastly, Lala proved to be either psychic or incredibly perceptive in Season 10 when she told Raquel she wouldn’t trust her around her man. After Raquel got cozy with Garcelle Beauvais’ son during a Vegas trip, Lala’s intuition kicked in. The next day, she told Raquel that she would never trust her around her man, unknowingly foreshadowing Raquel’s affair with Tom Sandoval.

As we eagerly await the next season of Vanderpump Rules, let’s not forget the entertaining moments Lala has brought to the show. Whether she’s calling out liars, engaging in fiery confrontations, or predicting future scandals, Lala Kent is not afraid to stir the pot and keep us all entertained.

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