Kim Cattrall is back, baby! Prepare for an unexpected twist in ‘And Just Like That’ season two

Kim Cattrall pulls off a Samantha Jones reunion while dodging the core cast and crew.

Television miracles do happen, and in this case, we’ve been blessed by the unexpected return of Kim Cattrall to the sparkling universe of Sex and the City. Prepare for an audacious cameo in the forthcoming season of ‘And Just Like That.’

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Per Variety’s report, the diva decided to revive the legendary Samantha Jones, breathing life into her character during a one-off scene shot in New York City this past March. It’s quite a marvel, given Cattrall’s well-known dispute with former castmates Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

Embracing her queenly status, Cattrall reportedly managed to execute her cameo without crossing paths with any of her former colleagues. Rumor has it she even managed to avoid sharing oxygen with showrunner Michael Patrick King.

In keeping with the dramatic flair of this surprising return, Samantha’s cameo will be centered around a phone conversation with Carrie (played by Parker), elevating their communication from the text messages exchanged in the first season of ‘And Just Like That.’ With this strategic move, who knows? Cattrall might just score another appearance via a camera-less Zoom call with SJP in the next season. Stranger things have happened, right?

But wait, there’s more. The icon was reportedly styled by Patricia Field, the original Sex and the City costume designer who also didn’t return for ‘And Just Like That’ due to schedule clashes with another polarizing show, ‘Emily in Paris.’

You can catch the next chapter of ‘And Just Like That’ on Max come June 22. Brace yourselves, Samantha’s brief reprise is surely going to be a game-changer. Remember, though, Aiden’s specter will continue to lurk around this season.

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