Isabelle Huppert Says Michael Haneke Might Not Direct Anymore

It’s been a while since Michael Haneke graced the world with his film “Happy End” back in 2017. This legendary filmmaker, who celebrated his 81st birthday in the summer, remains a cultural beacon in the movie world.

IndieWire managed to grab a moment with frequent Haneke collaborator, actor Isabelle Huppert, who’s featured in four of Haneke’s films. Maybe she has some insider knowledge about this enigmatic director?

He’s doing OK. We are in touch, yes, we are in touch, but you can’t have Michael Haneke doing anything he doesn’t want to do. Obviously, he’s been not busy for the past six years, as you say, and I don’t know. I have no idea if he will work again, if we will work together again. He’s been through a difficult time after COVID. I don’t know enough. He’s in good shape. I can only make wishes that he will be working again.

Haneke’s Indelible Imprint on Cinema

Haneke’s distinctive style, characterized by a blend of provocative themes and cynical tones presented with stark realism, still reverberates throughout modern cinema. For instance, the upcoming “The Zone of Interest” by Jonathan Glazer could easily pass as a work of Haneke. Such is the breadth of his influence!

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Underneath the grave subjects that his films engage with, Haneke often infuses a clever irony. He leaves the audience with the impression that what they’re observing is an act of cinematic mastery.

As a fan of his work, one can’t help but appreciate the brilliance that envelopes “Cache,” “The Piano Teacher,” “Funny Games”, and “Amour.” These films represents the pinnacle of European cinema in the 21st century.

An Unfinished Project and The Future

This past year, the Austrian Film Museum celebrated Haneke’s birthday with a career retrospective, where it was revealed that his English-language TV series, “Kelvin’s Book,” had hit a roadblock. This nine-episode miniseries, set in a dystopian world, was developed predominantly with Haneke’s own resources. However, the project has been shelved without a clear explanation, other than hints about pandemic-related delays.

When probed about the possibility of making another film, Haneke intriguingly responded with “Lassen wir uns überraschen” which translates to “Let’s be surprised.”

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A Look Back at “Happy End”

I fondly recall my conversation with Haneke in 2017 during the promotion of “Happy End”. He left a notable analogy of social media being a “Machiavellian chain of horror.”

“Happy End” did stir up some controversy, but it was a necessary move for Haneke. This deliberate step away from traditional narrative structures ignited a fresh spark in his storytelling while challenging viewers to think deeply.

If “Happy End” does indeed mark his retirement from filmmaking, it serves as a fitting conclusion. This film encapsulates all the themes that Haneke has tackled throughout his illustrious career, making it a perfect send-off.

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