Scorsese’s New Jesus Movie Set to Start Production

Acclaimed film director Martin Scorsese recently shared some insights about his upcoming movie on Jesus. This project will represent his second exploration of the Christian figure, following the 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ. In a discussion with America Magazine, Scorsese reveals that the film’s inspiration comes from his interaction with Pope Francis and the idea of portraying Jesus in a contemporary setting. The director plans to commence filming shortly for the film, whose narrative won’t align with the traditional tale of Jesus’ life.

Plotting a Modern Interpretation of Jesus

In a conversation with America Magazine, Scorsese spoke about his new project and his intention to reinterpret Jesus in a contemporary context. This idea was driven by a discussion with Pope Francis, who inspired Scorsese to portray Jesus as accessible and present in the current times. “I’m thinking of a film that might be partially modern day, partially ancient. I’m not quite sure. We’ve come up with a script, myself and [longtime collaborator] Kent Jones. I hope to be shooting some of it in April,” said Scorsese.

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New Jesus Film Will Deviate From Conventional Narratives

Unlike typical depictions of Jesus’ life, Scorsese’s upcoming film will follow a less traditional narrative structure, he revealed in the interview. Some of the movie’s content will be based on Shūsaku Endō’s book, A Life of Jesus, offering an alternative perspective on the figure of Jesus in the present day. Scorsese noted, “It wouldn’t be a usual, straight narrative of the life of Jesus in any way. Some of it would be based on what Shūsaku Endō wrote in his book A Life of Jesus. I thought it was really interesting how he comes about it from an Asian point of view to make us see Jesus in another way.”

A Second Jesus Film from Scorsese

This new project marks Scorsese’s second film about Jesus. His earlier venture, The Last Temptation of Christ, was released in 1988. The plan for the current movie was announced in May 2023, following a private audience with Pope Francis that Scorsese and his wife Helen Morris had at the Vatican. Scorsese reiterated the untraditional narrative approach of the movie in an October 2023 interview with Sight and Sound.

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Wrapping Up

With Martin Scorsese embarking on yet another exploration of Jesus’ life, the film industry and audiences at large can anticipate a distinctive cinematic experience. As we wait for more detailed updates about this film, it’s clear that Scorsese is once again charting his own creative path in storytelling. For more news about upcoming films and in-depth reviews, make sure to visit