Tom Cruise’s Marriage Proposal Reportedly Scares Off Girlfriend Elsina Khayrova

Contrary to previous reports, it appears that Tom Cruise was not the one who broke up with his rumored girlfriend, Elsina Khayrova. Instead, insiders claim Khayrova ended their relationship because she felt overwhelmed by Cruise’s grand gestures, including a marriage proposal.

The Fast-Paced Romance

Rumors have swirled around the relationship between Khayrova and Cruise, with outlets claiming Cruise fell for her quickly and even saw a fourth wedding in his future. Cruise apparently proposed to Khayrova just three months into their relationship.

InTouch reports that Cruise’s proposal was followed by plans for a $10 million wedding, causing Khayrova to feel overwhelmed and decide to take a step back.

Second Thoughts

Although Khayrova initially accepted Cruise’s proposal, sources say she later rescinded her acceptance. Apparently, she was concerned about the speed of their relationship and questioned why Cruise was so eager to get married so fast. This rapidly progressing relationship apparently scared her off.

While it’s not entirely uncommon for celebrities to move quickly in relationships, with some tying the knot within months of dating, it still remains a rare occurrence. Considering that Khayrova recently divorced, it’s possible she wasn’t ready for another marriage so soon.

Cruise’s Attempt to Mend Things

Cruise is reportedly now making efforts to win back Khayrova. He has been sending her flowers and jewelry as tokens of affection. However, Khayrova has expressed her need for space to think things through. As it stands, it seems their relationship might be over for now.

For context, Cruise and Khayrova were first spotted together in London in late 2023 and were said to be quite taken with each other. Although they’ve tried to maintain a low profile, it’s nearly impossible considering Cruise’s status as a Hollywood A-lister. Tensions have seemingly escalated since their respective children were introduced to each other.

With the couple’s status currently uncertain, only time will tell if they can mend their relationship and navigate the fast pace of romance in the public eye.

Wrapping Up

The pressures of a high-profile relationship can be overwhelming, and it’s important for both parties to move at a comfortable pace. Whether or not Khayrova and Cruise manage to reconcile, we hope they find happiness. For the latest in entertainment news, make sure to check out HitPlay.

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