Tom Cruise Convinced Glen Powell to Join Top Gun: Maverick

Before Glen Powell became a leading man, he appeared in supporting roles in films like The Great Debaters, Sex Ed, and Hidden Figures. His role as “Hangman” in the record-breaking Top Gun: Maverick significantly boosted his career. Initially hesitant to take on the role, Powell was persuaded by Tom Cruise, who reminded him he was “the underdog.”

From “Rooster” Audition to “Hangman”

Powell originally auditioned for the role of “Rooster,” which went to Miles Teller. However, Cruise insisted that Powell play “Hangman” and had the role expanded. Speaking on Today, Powell recounted Cruise’s relentless encouragement:

Tom gave me this great advice when I was sort of waffling on if I was going to do Top Gun at all. He really invited me into the process. It’s a team sport. That movie really changed my life in many ways. It signaled a new chapter in my life and ownership over that new chapter.

Career Impact

Powell’s role in Top Gun: Maverick marked a significant turn in his career. Post-pandemic, the film brought audiences back to theaters, and Powell capitalized on this by taking on other projects. His film Anyone But You became a box office hit, surpassing $100 million. Subsequently, he earned the lead role in Richard Linklater’s Hit Man, one of Netflix’s highest-rated originals.

Initial Hesitation on “Hangman” Role

Despite his current success, Powell initially disliked the “Hangman” role. He felt the character wouldn’t work for the movie. Reflecting on his career progress, Powell mentioned:

You have to sort of tell yourself you’re the underdog in this story and eventually it’s gonna lead to a big game. Now, I’m getting to sit down and really talk about this stuff in a way that’s been really amazing and surreal.

Future Projects

Powell’s upcoming projects include the summer blockbuster sequel Twisters and the revenge thriller Huntington. He also stars in the Hulu comedy series Chad Powers. Amidst his success, the term “The Summer of Glen Powell” has gained traction. Even Tom Cruise acknowledged Powell’s “Texas-sized talent” after his induction into the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

Powell’s journey from an “underdog” to a leading star is remarkable. As he continues to embrace this mindset, his career appears poised for even greater heights.

Wrapping Up

Watch Glen Powell as “Hangman” in Top Gun: Maverick on Paramount+ and stream Hit Man on Netflix. Stay tuned for Twisters in theaters on July 19. For more updates, visit HitPlay.

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