‘Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’ Season 2: Everything to Know

Summer school is usually just a threat used to scare students into submission during the regular school year, but for Bailee Madison, Malia Pyles, Maia Reficco, Chandler Kinney, and Zaria of “Pretty Little Liars: Summer School,” it’s their grim reality. As if the usual teenage drama wasn’t enough, these ladies also have to contend with a new villain who might just be too much even for the seasoned troublemakers of Millwood High.

Educational Dread and Deadlier Plots

This isn’t your typical summer break. No, it’s more of a ‘try not to die’ kind of vacation. After the fallout of “Original Sin,” our not-so-lucky liars are stuck in summer classes with a side of sinister. Introducing Bloody Rose, who, by the way, is not a forgiving type when it comes to flunking her twisted tests. This season, brought to you by the cheerful folks like Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (RAS) and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, promises to blend the cheer of campfire ghost stories with the joys of midterm exams.

Inspiration: Internet Ghost Stories and Classic Slashers

Apparently, the creators thought it would be fun to mix Creepypasta with homework. Their new website, SpookySpaghetti.com, is like the creepy chain email your friend sent you at 2 AM but made professional. This season’s villain, a lady who knows her horror tropes well, aims to bring a little apocalyptic flair to the sun-soaked days. Inspired by feel-good family films like “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” and “Midsommar,” expect a lot of unsettling vibes that make the mystery of ‘A’ look like child’s play.

New Kids on the Block Bringing Extra Drama

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get more chaotic, enter stage left: a bunch of new faces ready to stir the pot. We have Johnny (Antonio Cipriano), the resident heartbreaker scooping ice cream and stealing hearts; Jen (Ava Capri), who’s fresh out of juvie and into the frying pan; Christian (Noah Alexander Gerry), the dashing New Yorker making moves at the Orpheum; and Lola (Loretta Ables Sayre), Mouse’s grandmother who’s too into her online horror forums. Peaceful summer? Not on this show.

Wrapping Up

If you were looking for a light, breezy summer watch, maybe keep looking. “Pretty Little Liars: Summer School” is all set to turn up the heat with a season that’s as much about surviving pop quizzes as it is about escaping a horror movie villain. Tune in if you dare, and remember, it’s only a show… right?

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