Rob Thomas Exits ABC Drama ‘High Potential’; New Showrunner Named

Todd Harthan, the executive producer of ‘The Resident,’ has been appointed as the new showrunner for ABC’s upcoming drama ‘High Potential.’ This change follows the departure of the original showrunner, Rob Thomas.

Production Status

Production on ‘High Potential,’ led by Kaitlin Olson, has been temporarily paused while searching for a new showrunner. The production is expected to resume next month. This change was reported to be amicable.

Series Overview

‘High Potential’ is scheduled to debut this fall and will air on Tuesdays at 10/9c. The series is written by Drew Goddard and stars Kaitlin Olson as a single mom with an exceptional mind, whose unique talent for solving crimes forms a partnership with a seasoned detective, portrayed by Daniel Sunjata.

Key Cast Members

Alongside Olson and Sunjata, the cast includes Javicia Leslie, Deniz Akdeniz, Amirah J, Matthew Lamb, and Judy Reyes.

Executive Producers

The executive producers for the series are Drew Goddard, Sarah Esberg, Pierre Laugier, Anthony Lancret, Jean Nainchrik, and Alethea Jones, who also serves as the director.

Wrapping Up

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