‘Hacks’ Season 3 Finale Shows Ava Is Just Like Deborah

In the Max comedy Hacks, Generation Z writer Ava Daniels stands in stark contrast to the seasoned stand-up comic Deborah Vance, yet their similarities become more evident as the series progresses.

Ava, played by Hannah Einbinder, initially begins working for Deborah, portrayed by Jean Smart, because she finds it difficult to secure employment after posting a controversial tweet. This difficulty, however, is not solely due to the tweet, as one of Ava’s former writing partners points out that she “was an a–hole before the tweet.”

Development of Ava’s Character

By the end of season 3, Ava has had ample time to learn from Deborah’s rebellious ways. When Deborah deceives Ava once again, claiming she cannot appoint her as the head writer for her new late-night show, Ava takes decisive action to balance the power dynamic.

In the climax of season 3, Ava covertly awards herself the head writer position, threatening to expose Deborah’s affair with the network chairman, played by Tony Goldwyn, if opposed. This tactic, reminiscent of Deborah’s own strategies, results in one of 2024’s most dramatic TV moments.

Deborah’s Career Resurgence

Season 3 starts with Deborah enticing Ava back after letting her go at the end of Season 2. This occurs as Deborah seizes an opportunity to host a major network show, a dream she has harbored since the 1970s. Deborah needs Ava, her top writer, to help her achieve this goal. Despite initial rejection, Ava agrees to assist Deborah, and they spend the season networking and refining Deborah’s public image.

Eventually, Deborah secures the late-night hosting job. In the season finale, she invites Ava to join her, but Ava discovers that Deborah lied about her head writer status. Ava confronts Deborah, and the resulting tension reveals deep-seated feelings of betrayal and ambition.

When Ava discovers the truth from network CEO Winnie Landell, her frustration culminates in an intense confrontation. Despite Deborah’s defense that Ava couldn’t understand the risk involved, Ava accuses Deborah of selfishness and inconsistency.

Culmination of Tensions

The episode “Bulletproof” explores the depths of Ava and Deborah’s relationship, exposing their ambitions and past grievances. Ava’s plea for consideration based on their history is met with resistance. Despite the emotional tension, Ava’s choice to leverage her position to secure the head writer job highlights her growth under Deborah’s influence.

Ultimately, Ava’s decision to blackmail Deborah cements her transformation. Her confrontational approach reflects Deborah’s own ruthless tactics. The fierce exchange between Ava and Deborah underscores the evolution of their dynamic, revealing both admiration and resentment.

Implications for Future Seasons

Ava’s decision highlights her readiness to adopt a more aggressive approach, mirroring Deborah’s strategies. This new dynamic sets the stage for heightened rivalry in the forthcoming season. The evolution of their relationship promises to deliver compelling and intense storylines.

Wrapping Up

The dynamic between Ava and Deborah in Hacks exemplifies the complexities of mentorship and ambition. As the series progresses, their evolving relationship continues to captivate audiences. For more insights and updates, visit HitPlay.

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