Annemarie Wiley Leaves ‘RHOBH’ After One Season

Annemarie Wiley has confirmed her departure from the television reality series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH). The 40-year-old was introduced to the show mid-season and expressed her disappointment over her portrayed image on the series, stating that it didn’t reflect her true personality or life story.

Annemarie Wiley’s RHOBH Journey

Wiley joined the cast six weeks into filming and quickly faced her “rookie mistake” of not knowing exactly what to expect from the reality show. Despite initial excitement for the opportunity, Wiley expressed disillusionment with how she was portrayed on the show, specifically relating to her interactions surrounding fellow cast member Sutton Stracke’s health. Further amplifying her disappointment, the reality show did not showcase Wiley’s struggles with the loss of her mother to lung cancer, her “adoption trauma”, or the positive representation of her family.

Annemarie Wiley’s Post-RHOBH Statement

In her official statement, Wiley expressed gratitude to viewers who saw past her TV portrayal and perceived her genuine self. She confirmed her primary intention on the RHOBH platform was to represent a ‘solid Black family unit’. She thanked Bravo for the experience and looked forward to new opportunities that align with values of positivity, truth and authenticity.

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Annemarie Wiley’s Background and Family

Wiley, a nurse anesthetist by profession, is married to former NFL defensive end, Marcellus Wiley. Together they have three children – Marcellus Jr., Aliya Jane and Alivia Marie. Marcellus has a daughter, Morocca Alise, from a previous relationship.

Annemarie Wiley’s Participation in RHOBH

Wiley’s time on RHOBH involved her questioning castmate Sutton Stracke about her “esophagus disorder” and having verbal conflicts with Crystal Kung Minkoff. The internet backlash and negative comments following her time on the show was a challenging experience, however, Annemarie iterated the importance of focusing on the positive aspects in her life and expressed her intent on showcasing her real self in the future.

Recent RHOBH Season Updates

Annemarie’s exit follows a series of shifts in RHOBH’s season 12 line-up, including Diana Jenkins’ one-season stint, Sheree Zampino’s involvement as a “friend of” cast members, and Lisa Rinna’s abrupt departure. Rinna had been a part of the show from 2015 to 2022.

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Wrapping Up

As RHOBH continues its evolution with its revolving door of cast members, fans can only anticipate what the next season holds. Meet more of your favorite personalities and catch up on all the buzz in real-time with HitPlay.

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