Michael Keaton’s One Big Beef with Public Reaction to Beetlejuice

The iconic character Beetlejuice is making a return to theaters in the highly anticipated sequel, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. Directed by Tim Burton, the film features notable stars including Catherine O’Hara, Jenna Ortega, and Willem Dafoe. Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Beetlejuice, adding to the excitement surrounding the release. Keaton experienced discomfort with the overwhelming public response to his character originally and aimed to approach the role afresh this time around.

After Beetlejuice debuted in 1988, the character quickly became a cultural icon, appearing on various merchandise. Despite this, Michael Keaton found the commercialization unsettling and sought to reconnect with the initial essence of Beetlejuice for the sequel. He expressed his feelings to Empire:

“That was fucking weird. To be honest with you – I’m being very frank – it was off-putting, to look and go, ‘I don’t want to look like all these little things, fuck that – what was the thing that started this?’”

Based on the initial trailer for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, Keaton’s performance appears to be a natural continuation of his 1980s portrayal, steering clear of imitating the pop culture figure that Beetlejuice became. Fans will appreciate his genuine take, avoiding the shadow of the original’s legacy.

The sequel’s plot involves the new generation of the Deetz family returning to their home in Winter River after a family tragedy, only to find it still haunted by Beetlejuice. The film promises a mix of returning cast members and new characters played by Justin Theroux and Jenna Ortega.

Sequels often face the challenge of living up to their predecessors, but Keaton’s enthusiasm for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice offers a hopeful outlook. His approval of the script and protection over the original film suggest a faithful and exciting sequel. The film is set to release in theaters on September 6th, allowing fans to experience the return of Beetlejuice. The original Beetlejuice can be rented on Amazon.

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Wrapping Up

Michael Keaton’s return as Beetlejuice in the upcoming Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is generating significant buzz. Fans of the original can look forward to revisiting the character in a fresh yet authentic light. For further details on films arriving this year, check our comprehensive movie schedule on HitPlay.

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