Exploring Taylor Swift’s Apple Music Clues before ‘TTPD’ Release

Taylor Swift Drops Clues on New Album Via Apple Music

In a surprising yet subtle marketing strategy, pop superstar Taylor Swift has released some cryptic clues referring to her forthcoming album, “The Tortured Poets Department”, using her song liners on Apple Music. The platform’s Biography section for Swift was noticed to have received a minor edit, indicating a countdown to her upcoming album’s release. This is not the first time Swift has used such inventive tactics to engage her fans, otherwise known as Swifties.

Decoding “Glitch”‘s Lyric Page

Upon discovering the edited biography on Apple Music that hinted at a daily update until the album release, fans were quick to explore Swift’s song list. A peculiar pattern of capitalized letters was noticed in the lyrics of the song “Glitch” from her album “Midnights”. After some efforts to unscramble, fans deciphered the term “hereby” from these capital letters, leading to widespread speculation about its relevance to “The Tortured Poets Department”. Swift’s fan community on the X app began discussing potential connections, with some suggesting a possible lyric from the forthcoming album.

Release of Another Hidden Word

Swift fans were given another clue to ponder upon when the lyrics page for Swift’s 2020 track “Peace” from her “Folklore” album was updated. Swift enthusiasts quickly seized this opportunity to discover another hidden word: “conduct”. Swift’s official Nation Instagram account confirmed the intelligently hidden words, triggering a series of fan theories about linkages with her renowned ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn and their possible influence on the songs.

Taylor Swift and upcoming “The Tortured Poets Department”

During her acceptance speech at the Grammy awards earlier in the year, Swift disclosed that her 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department”, would be released on April 19. This album was said to be written to help Swift navigate through some personal hard times after the completion of her previous album, “Midnights”. In her words during a concert held in February in Australia, she emphasized that this album became a “lifeline” for her during troubled times, reinstating the significance of songwriting in her life.

Further Speculations and Swift’s Personal Ties

Swift’s teases and promotional content on social media, along with the clues dropped in the album’s tracklist, stirred further speculation about the sentimental content of “The Tortured Poets Department”. Based on these clues, fans anticipate that the album might delve into Swift’s personal life, most notably her relationship with Alwyn. Swift and Alwyn were together for six years from 2016 until early 2023. Swift is currently dating football player Travis Kelce, who recently praised Swift’s forthcoming album during a pre-Super Bowl LVII press conference.

Wrapping Up

Swift’s delicate balancing act between maintaining intrigue and releasing details has once again paid dividends. Her exhilarating slow drip of clues through song liners and lyric pages has generated considerable hype around “The Tortured Poets Department” and its upcoming release on April 19. While fans eagerly decode these clues and engage in rampant speculations, only the album’s release will finally provide answers. For updates and access to the latest releases, check out HitPlay.

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