Watch Jo Koy’s Controversial Monologue at Golden Globes

Jo Koy, the comedian and host of this year’s Golden Globes, delivered an opening monologue that sparked varied reactions. His routine included playful jabs at Hollywood celebrities and films, as well as daring jokes that drew mixed responses.

Crafting the Monologue Under Pressure

Koy, who took on the hosting role just 10 days before the event, humorously addressed the challenges of creating a perfect monologue in such a short timeframe. He openly acknowledged, “Some I wrote, some other people wrote,” after a joke received a lukewarm response, adding, “Yes, I got the gig 10 days ago! You want a perfect monologue? Yo, shut up. You’re kidding me right? Slow down, I wrote some of these and they are the ones you are laughing at.”

Koy’s Commentary on Hollywood

Koy’s monologue targeted various films and their stars. His joke about Barry Keoghan’s nude scene in “Saltburn” and the comparison of “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” in a new award category were among the highlights that showcased his humorous, yet audacious style.

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Addressing “Killers of the Flower Moon”


Koy also commented on Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon,” humorously addressing the theme of exploitation with the quip, “White people stole everything…You took the land, you took the oil, you took the premise of the movie,” eliciting mixed reactions from the audience.

From there, Koy shifted his comedic focus to Robert De Niro, a star of “Killers of the Flower Moon.” He touched on De Niro’s recent personal life, specifically his fatherhood at the age of 80 with girlfriend Tiffany Chen. Koy playfully remarked, “Decade after decade, he kills it every single time. I don’t know how you do it, man. I swear to God. Your last performance has got to be your greatest performance ever. How did you get her pregnant at 80? Was it CGI?”

This joke about De Niro’s late fatherhood was a blend of admiration for the actor’s longstanding career and a light-hearted poke at his personal life. By framing it as a ‘performance,’ Koy managed to maintain the evening’s entertainment-focused tone while delving into a more personal aspect of De Niro’s life. The use of CGI as a punchline cleverly tied back to the film industry, keeping the joke relevant to the context of the Golden Globes.

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Koy’s Career Highlights

Apart from hosting the Golden Globes, Jo Koy has a diverse career with his “Funny Is Funny World Tour” and several stand-up specials on Comedy Central and Netflix, including “Live From The Los Angeles Forum.” His filmography includes roles in Universal Picture’s “Easter Sunday” and Disney’s “Haunted Mansion.”

Audience Reception


The audience’s response to Koy’s monologue reflects the diverse tastes in humor in today’s entertainment industry. While some appreciated his bold style, others found certain jokes less favorable. Koy’s hosting has sparked conversation and added a unique flavor to this year’s Golden Globes.

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