Taylor Swift Endorses Ryan Gosling’s Version of ‘All Too Well’

Taylor Swift has shown her approval for the new rendition of her song “All Too Well,” performed by actor Ryan Gosling on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Swift expressed her admiration in an Instagram story post, mailed on April 14, indicating that she can’t avoid unconsciously singing Gosling’s version of the song.

Gosling’s Performance on SNL

During his third hosting on SNL, on April 13, Gosling introduced a playful cover of “All Too Well.” The 43-year-old actor, who was promoting his movie The Fall Guy, used Swift’s song to illustrate the bitter feeling of leaving behind the character he played, Ken, from the previous year’s movie Barbie.

The actor showcased his musical talent by accompanying his cover with a piano performance, modifying the lyrics of the song to mirror Ken’s narrative. The modified lyrics referenced Ken’s rollerblades being left at Barbie’s place.

Swift Shows Support

Taylor Swift displayed her commendation for Gosling’s rendition on social media. She shared a clip from the SNL episode with the caption “All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version)!!!” Swift also stated that the monologue presented by Gosling was “everything” and that she might accidentally find herself singing this new version of her song during her tours.

Cameo Appearance by Emily Blunt

The SNL skit also featured a surprise appearance by Emily Blunt, Gosling’s costar in The Fall Guy. She stopped Gosling’s performance, telling him he was “embarassing” himself, only to later join in covering the song, adding her own twist that reflected a character she had portrayed.

Swift’s Weekend Activities

While Swift has made surprise appearances on SNL in the past, this weekend saw her on the United State’s West Coast, celebrating with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, supporting their friend Jack Antonoff and his band Bleachers at their Coachella performance. A source stated that Swift and Kelce appeared to enjoy the performance immensely, partaking in the festivities with dancing and singing along.

Wrapping Up

Swift’s endorsement of Gosling’s cover highlights the respect and camaraderie among artists in the entertainment industry, as they encourage and appreciate new interpretations of their work. To enjoy more content like this, you can visit the HitPlay app.

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