Ryan Gosling Cracks Up the SNL Cast

Actor Ryan Gosling announced his departure from his character Ken, recognizable from the Kenergy memes, as he embraces a new role in the film ‘The Fall Guy.’ This reveal was executed during an elaborate monologue on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

But before that we revisit a Gosling classic, the close encounters bit

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Saturday Night Live Monologue

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Gosling’s appearance on Saturday Night Live on April 13 saw him dedicated his monologue to bid farewell to his character, Ken. However, the endeavour proved more challenging than he anticipated. Emily Blunt, co-star in Gosling’s latest project assisted the actor, creating hilarious moments that put the initial plan back on course.

Yet, Gosling’s Ken persona proved too strong to retire readily. Thus, both Gosling and Blunt embarked on a sing-off, showcasing their respective box office successes. This exchange breathed fresh life into the ongoing on-screen feud between their two characters.

As the tension escalated, each actor rallied their support. Blunt’s team dressed in somber attire, reminiscent of her Oscar-winning role in ‘Oppenheimer.’ Gosling, on the other hand, was flanked by team members sporting Barbie’s signature pink outfits, reflecting his character Ken’s iconic style.

By the end, Emily Blunt conceded that her time as Kitty Oppenheimer was over. Simultaneously, Ryan Gosling proclaimed defiantly, “Ken will never die.” This assertive statement incited speculations about potential plans for a sequel to ‘Barbie.’

Beavis and Butt-Head

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Beavis and Butt-head show up in a daytime talk show style skit about AI that gets understandably.

Papyrus 2

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Papyrus is revisited and Ryan Gosling’s character has another revelation. Mixed skit that should’ve been left alone given how brilliant the original was.


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The Fall Guy Hits Theaters Soon

The upcoming film ‘The Fall Guy,’ featuring Gosling, is set to release on May 3. More information regarding the movie can be found here.

Wrapping Up

Gosling’s monologue marked the end of his ‘Ken’ phase and the commencement of the ‘Fall Guy’ era. Whether the future holds a continuation of the Ken saga or marks a complete departure for the actor only time will tell. However, one thing is sure – Gosling’s comedic prowess and versatility make him a significant figure in the industry. For more content like this, visit https://hitplay.app.

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