Golden Bachelor’s Gerry & Theresa Divorce 3 Months Post-TV Wedding

Renowned television celebrities Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist recently declared on Good Morning America that they have agreed to end their marriage. It was a mere three months ago that their wedding was broadcast on television, adding a shocking twist to this recent development. Both partners agreed that, given their circumstances, it was in their mutual best interest to live separately, maintaining proximity to their individual families.

Living Apart After Marriage

Reports from early this month disclosed that Turner and Nist, stars of “Golden Bachelor”, had not started living together after their on-screen marriage in January. Turner continues to live in Indiana, while Nist remains in New Jersey, her native state. An anonymous source confirmed that the couple’s plan for a long-distance relationship is primarily because Nist is still occupied as a senior compliance officer at an East Coast financial advisory firm.

Future Living Plans for the Couple

Now separated, the couple initially shared dreams of settling down together at the same location. Tuner expressed his desires towards moving to South Carolina, which Nist also agreed upon stating that it would allow her to be closer to her son, living near Charleston. They had expressed their vision of buying a bigger house to accommodate their adult children and grandchildren for future visits. Turner confirmed in a People interview that with similar thoughts about moving to South Carolina, settling down would not be an issue in their relationship.

Love Story of the Pair

The story of Turner and Nist’s love journey began on the first season of “The Golden Bachelor”. Their romantic tale reached a high point with an on-air engagement in the season finale of September 2023. The couple officially tied the knot on January 4, 2024, in a ceremony filmed by ABC. Both Turner and Nist have had previous marriages that lasted for more than four decades, ending with the passing of their former partners.

Respecting Each Other’s Past

Despite starting as a new couple, Turner and Nist have shown immense respect towards their previous relationships. The couple made it a point to honor their late partners during their wedding ceremony. Nist had revealed her plan to include her late husband in their wedding vows, in a January interview with E! News.

Wrapping Up

Although the couple’s dream of starting a fresh life together may not have turned out as planned, Turner and Nist are embracing their decision to separate. Their experience serves as a reminder that personal happiness and family obligations can sometimes necessitate a change in relationship status. For more updates on Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s relationship, stay tuned to HitPlay.

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