Ana Navarro Celebrates ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Divorce

Ana Navarro, co-host of ‘The View,’ didn’t miss the opportunity to express her earlier criticism for the reality TV show, ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ immediately upon hearing that the couple from the show, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, are seeking a divorce after only three months of marriage.

Months of Anticipation Meet an Unfortunate End

News of the divorce comes just three months after the couple’s marriage, sending shockwaves through fans of the show and fellow hosts of ‘The View.’ Navarro did not hesitate to point out her earlier skepticism about the reality show, stating, “For like, six months, you tortured me every Friday and made me talk about this topic, which I can’t stand because I think it’s manufactured and a complete crock.”

Navarro’s apprehension about the show is nothing new. She had been vocally critical of ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ expressing her discomfort and dissatisfaction during a conversation about Turner’s emotional breakdown in one of the episodes last October.

Discussion Continues Among ‘The View’ Co-Hosts

While Navarro stood united in her original critique of the show, her fellow co-hosts had various responses. Sunny Hostin expressed regret for getting so enthralled in the series, while Alyssa Farah Griffith maintained her affection for the reality show.

In response to the relationship’s outcome, Hostin confessed her disappointment, stating, “I’m upset because I thought since they were older they knew better and they could find love, and they didn’t.” Griffith, on the other hand, pointed to the show’s complex dynamics, stating that its appeal lies in observing the social experiment, not in the anticipation of lasting love.

A Final Swing at ‘The Golden Bachelor’

Before wrapping up the discussion, Navarro took one last jab at the show, condemning its premise and the couple’s short-lived marriage. “The mistake was going on national TV to try to feign a relationship and love,” claimed Navarro. “I’ve had pimples that last longer than this marriage!”

Wrapping Up

The unexpectedly brief marriage of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ couple has led to a wave of reflection and criticism for the reality show. With varied responses from the co-hosts of ‘The View,’ the future of the series could potentially expect more discerning viewership. For more entertaining content and insightful discussions, visit HitPlay.

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