Whoopi Goldberg Insinuates The View Used False Info to Catch Leaker

Whoopi Goldberg, one of the moderators on “The View”, recently indicated that the show may have deployed certain tactics in order to identify potential moles leaking information to the media. During a panel discussion about the pros and cons of gossip, Goldberg voiced her disapproval for the practice and hinted at some of the methods employed by the show to unearth the source of potential leaks.

A Discourse on Gossip

The conversation around gossip was sparked during a segment titled “Hot Topics” that revolved around a study positioned in favor of gossiping. While discussing the subject, Goldberg made it clear that she does not see the upside to gossiping, countering fellow moderator Sunny Hostin’s more forgiving stance. Goldberg highlighted that the issue with a “resident blabbermouth” is the disregard for whether she or others are comfortable with personal information being shared publicly.

Strategy to Catch a Gossip

The conversation took a turn when Alyssa Farah Griffin, former White House communications director, shared her personal strategy for countering gossip – spreading false information to see if it circulates. This revelation prompted Goldberg to suggest that “The View” might have used the same strategy to uncover if there were any insiders sharing information with the press, confirming that they had indeed used this method.

Whoopi’s Anti-Gossip Stance

The idea intrigued Hostin who expressed her interest in learning more about the show’s experience with this strategy. However, as moderator Joy Behar pointed out, given Goldberg’s firm stance against gossip, further details would likely not be forthcoming.

Speculations About Past Leaks

It is believed that Goldberg may have been referring to previous leaks during Meghan McCain’s tenure on the show, providing insight into McCain’s relationships with her fellow co-hosts. At that time, McCain’s team had accused Hostin of being responsible for the leaks, an allegation promptly denied by the show’s senior executive producer, Hilary Estey McLoughlin. A representative for “The View” is yet to comment on Goldberg’s recent statements.

Wrapping Up

Throughout her time on the show, Whoopi Goldberg has maintained a strong stand against gossip and information leaks, consistently prioritizing privacy and professionalism. Her recent comments have cast light on the behind-the-scenes handling of this delicate issue on “The View”. For more insight and informative content related to the entertainment world, visit HitPlay.

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