Official Trailer for 2024 “Butterfly in the Sky” – Reading Rainbow Documentary Released

An invitation is extended to you, to delve into the heartfelt story of childhood nostalgia with Butterfly in the Sky. This captivating documentary tells the tale of the cherished PBS Children’s series, Reading Rainbow. Significant figures such as Levar Burton, Whoopi Goldberg, and others discuss the profound influence of the show. Fresh from its premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, Butterfly in the Sky is ready for digital consumption.

The Impact of Reading Rainbow

Levar Burton, Whoopi Goldberg, and several other well-known personalities speak passionately about the enormous impact of Reading Rainbow in the Butterfly in the Sky documentary. Their reflections serve as a testament to the profound influence the show had on shaping young minds.

Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

Butterfly in the Sky made its debut at the high-profile Tribeca Film Festival. This allowed the documentary to garner attention from elite film enthusiasts and provide a springboard for its digital release.

Available for Digital Streaming

The wait is over! Butterfly in the Sky is now digitally accessible. So, whether you were an ardent fan or are merely intrigued by the narrative of Reading Rainbow, you can now immerse yourself in the absorbing saga from the comfort of your home.

Wrapping Up

Revisit the enchanting world of Reading Rainbow and explore its profound cultural impact with Butterfly in the Sky. Join esteemed personalities like Levar Burton, Whoopi Goldberg, and others as they discuss the lasting effect of the show. Available now for digital streaming, experience the captivating narrative journey of this beloved series today, at HitPlay.

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