Whoopi Goldberg Shares Her Struggles with Obesity and Her Weight-Loss Journey

Whoopi Goldberg recently went public with her struggles regarding obesity, shedding light on the inherent challenges and associated health risks. She openly discussed her personal battle with weight gain during the filming of ‘Till,’ in which she starred and produced, and she further highlighted her use of the weight-loss drug Mounjaro.

Addressing Rumors.

The issue was sparked by a controversy surrounding the release of ‘Till’ in 2022. Goldberg felt compelled to address rumors that she wore a fat suit for her role in the movie. Dismissing the claim, she affirmed that her increased weight was a result of steroids.

Health Crises during Filming ‘Till’

Unfortunately, Goldberg’s health was significantly impacted during the filming. She suffered a near-death experience involving double pneumonia and sepsis while portraying the character of Alma Carthan, Emmett Till’s grandmother. The incident later prompted her to adjust her health approach.

The Turning Point: Mounjaro

On the popular talk show ‘The View,’ Goldberg disclosed her use of the weight-loss drug Mounjaro which has helped her in dealing with weight loss. She also shared her wakeup call to her weight gain; a surprising realization she experienced from her own reflection in the mirror one day.

Goldberg’s Advocacy for Healthier Approaches to Obesity

Goldberg used her own experience to advocate a healthier understanding of obesity. She promotes the need to treat obesity as a medical condition, stressing the importance of treating ourselves right.

Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s Discussion on Obesity Drugs

Goldberg was inspired to speak out following the broadcast of Oprah Winfrey’s special ‘Shame, Blame, and the Weight Loss Revolution.’ Instead of shying away from open conversation about obesity and weight loss drugs such as Mounjaro, Oprah confronted it, contributing to the healthy dialogue surrounding weight and health.

Oprah Winfrey’s Own Experience with Obesity

Winfrey herself has been through her fair share of struggles with weight loss; having been the center of public ridicule for many years. She admits accepting the shame the world threw at her. She explores these experiences in her Monday night special, featuring discussions with medical experts and people from the pharmaceutical and weight loss industries.

Wrapping Up

Obesity is a medical condition that requires our understanding and compassion. Celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey using their platforms to foster open discussions about obesity helps destigmatize the condition, promoting a more humane and supportive approach to weight loss and healthy living. To learn more about inspiring stories from the film industry, check out HitPlay.

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