Joy Behar Reflects on ‘Depressing’ ‘SNL’ Audition in the 70s

Joy Behar, a well-known comedian and co-host of ABC’s daytime talk show The View, once shared an interesting fact about her early career. She had an audition for the iconic sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live in 1975. However, the audition didn’t go the way Behar had planned.

Behar’s SNL Audition

On the companion podcast The View: Behind the Table, Behar revealed the circumstances of her SNL audition. She recalled how she had a funny character that she thought might get her a place on the show. However, when it came to audition in front of SNL creator Lorne Michaels, things didn’t go entirely smoothly.

“Michaels didn’t laugh while I was performing,” Behar said. She added that when she commented on his lack of a reaction, he responded, ‘Well, I don’t want to laugh because then you’ll think you have a job.’ Besides, she wasn’t too disappointed, as she wasn’t even convinced she wanted the job.

The Result of The Audition

Behar confessed that while it was a bit disheartening to audition in front of someone who didn’t laugh, everything worked out in the end. She recalled how at the time, she felt she was “so not ready for the stress of a job like that,” revealing that she secretly hoped she wouldn’t get the job. In the end, she didn’t.

Behar’s Career Post-SNL Audition

Despite not making it onto SNL, Behar’s career thrived later. The comedian, who started as a stand-up comedian, took roles in many TV and film projects. Some of her notable works include roles in the 1980s film Baby Boom and 1993’s Manhattan Murder Mystery.

Joining The View

However, Behar’s biggest platform yet came when she joined The View when it premiered in 1997. She has been a regular panelist throughout the show’s seasons, barring seasons 17 and 18. After leaving the show in 2013, she returned two years later in 2015, thanks to consultant Hilary Estey McLoughlin who “basically talked me into it.”

Wrapping Up

It’s fascinating to hear about the early career experiences of those who have become well-known figures in the television industry. Joy Behar’s experience at her SNL audition is proof that one ‘missed’ opportunity doesn’t determine the course of your career. To watch more interesting behind-the-scenes content of your favorite shows and films, head over to HitPlay.

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