The Fashion Statements That Stole the Show in “And Just Like That” Season 1

The reboot of the iconic “Sex and the City” series, “And Just Like That,” has been a rollercoaster of emotions, plot twists, and, of course, fashion. While the show received mixed reviews, the fashion was a standout element that had everyone talking. Costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago curated a wardrobe that was both nostalgic and contemporary. Let’s dive into some of the most memorable outfits from the first season.

The Return of the Versace Mille Feuille Dress

Carrie wore the iconic Versace Mille Feuille dress for the third time, reminding fans of its first appearance in the original series’ finale. The gown was a symbol of her timeless style and a nod to her past.

Carrie’s Funeral Chic

Carrie’s funeral outfit was a modern take on the little black dress, styled with a hat—an accessory she frequently wore throughout the reboot. The ensemble was a poignant nod to her resilience and strength, especially in the wake of her husband’s death.

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The York Family’s Oscar de la Renta Ensemble

In the first episode, Charlotte had custom Oscar de la Renta dresses made for her daughter’s piano recital. The floral designs were a hit, with both siblings and their mother donning similar outfits. It was a family fashion moment that set the tone for the season.

Norma Kamali’s Diana Dress Goes Viral

Before the series even aired, a photo of Carrie in a powder-blue Norma Kamali Diana dress went viral. Paired with a white Max Mara blazer, this outfit was dubbed the new “naked dress,” a landmark fashion moment from the original series.

Seema’s Fendi Sophistication

Newcomer Seema Patel, played by Sarita Choudhury, brought her own flair with classic and chic suits. Her natural-toned Fendi outfit was a standout, coming directly from Fendi’s 2021 fall collection.

Carrie’s “Back in Heels” Celebration

After undergoing hip surgery, Carrie celebrated her return to heels with a sequined Missoni dress and sparkly Louboutins. It was a triumphant moment that showcased her love for high fashion and high heels.

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Charlotte’s Dog-Walking Glamour

Charlotte took dog-walking to a new level with a puff-sleeve Stella McCartney top, Balenciaga polka dot skirt, and yellow Manolo Blahnik heels. She even had a Burberry charm for the doggy bags, making her the most fashionable dog walker in NYC.

Carrie’s Valentino Couture Finale

The season finale featured Carrie in a stunning Valentino Couture gown, contrasting fuchsia gloves, and a bedazzled Eiffel Tower purse. The outfit was a fitting end to a season filled with fashion highs and lows.

Diwali Outfits Spark Debate

Carrie and Seema celebrated Diwali in beautiful traditional outfits. While the episode faced some backlash for cultural inaccuracies, the fashion was undeniably eye-catching.

The Infamous Smoking Outfit

Carrie’s smoking outfit was a mix of rubber dish gloves, a pink gingham Batsheva housedress, Mary Jane heels, a blue zip-up hoodie, and a patterned hair scarf. It was a fashion risk that had everyone talking, for better or worse.

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