Chris Noth Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations: “I Strayed on My Wife, But It’s Not a Crime”

Chris Noth, known for his role in “Sex and the City,” breaks his silence over the sexual assault allegations that have impacted his career, emphasizing that while he cheated on his wife, he did not commit a crime.

A Career Derailed

More than a year after Chris Noth found himself at the center of a sexual assault scandal, he’s sharing his side of the story. Speaking to USA Today, Noth admitted to infidelity during his marriage but was adamant that all relations were consensual. “I strayed on my wife, and it’s devastating to her and not a very pretty picture,” Noth shared, “What it isn’t is a crime.”

The couple, who wed in 2012 after over a decade of dating, faced these allegations while still together. The couple shares two children. Noth revealed that he’s had discussions with his elder son about the controversy.

The Justifications of Many

Noth delved into the mindset that led to his indiscretions. “You give yourself the same excuses that many men do; it’s just a little side dance, and it’s fun,” he explained. This carefree attitude changed for Noth when he found himself in the midst of a media frenzy.

The Allegations Unfold

In December 2021, two women alleged sexual misconduct against Noth. One woman claimed she was raped by Noth in 2015 after meeting him while working at a nightclub. According to her, Noth expressed views like “marriage is a sham” and “monogamy is not real.” Another accuser alleged a 2004 rape. Noth, through a representative, labeled these accusations as “categorically false.”

The waters grew murkier when a third woman accused Noth of assaulting her in 2010, followed by a fourth woman who brought forth accusations of misconduct against him. No criminal charges have been filed regarding these claims.

Facing these allegations, Noth said, “There’s nothing I can say to change anyone’s mind when you have that kind of a tidal wave.”

Career Aftermath

Following the allegations, Noth’s professional life took a massive hit. He was let go from CBS’s “The Equalizer,” and his long-time co-stars from “Sex and the City” expressed their support for the accusers. More recently, Noth refuted a claim that he felt sidelined by these former co-stars.

While job offers haven’t been pouring in, Noth is still finding ways to stay active in the industry. He’s currently involved in a campaign promoting men’s mental health and has taken up directing and acting roles in a Massachusetts theater.

Noth’s parting thoughts revolved around perseverance. “People are afraid of all this. Fear is the overriding operative word when it comes to whether they believe it or not… I have to just continue on. It’s rough, because people are scared, and their fear leads them. And I have to just persevere because I still have a creative life.”

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