‘Sex and the City’ is Coming to Netflix

‘Netflix just announced its streaming calendar, and fans of the cult classic series ‘Sex and the City’ (SATC) are in for a treat. Starting on April 1, all six seasons of HBO’s acclaimed series will be available on Netflix for the first time, while still remaining accessible on HBO’s streaming platform.

Content Agreement Between HBO and Netflix

The streaming of SATC on Netflix is a result of a content agreement between Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO’s parent company, and Netflix from July last year. The agreement included a licensing deal for various series. Therefore, Netflix has added shows like ‘Band of Brothers’, ‘The Pacific’, ‘Six Feet Under’, ‘Ballers’, ‘Insecure’, and ‘True Blood’ to its repertoire in addition to SATC.

About ‘Sex and the City’

The original series, with all its 94 episodes featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall, will all be available on Netflix in less than a month. First aired in 1998, SATC chronicles the lives of four women living in New York City as they grapple with love, friendship, and sex, all the while leaning on each other for support.

HBO’s Content Strategy

HBO chief Casey Bloys shared insights on HBO’s strategy shift to license its content to Netflix in November 2023. He likened the current streaming model to television syndication in the past, where licensing a show for broadcasting on another network after its initial run ensured the show’s continued lifecycle. He added that such moves were not uncommon, as HBO has previously syndicated shows like ‘Band of Brothers’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, and ‘Sex and the City’. It’s important to note that this arrangement is co-exclusive, which means HBO has no intent of giving anyone exclusive rights to a show.

Bloys elaborated that as other companies are transitioning to streaming, this strategy has somewhat changed. However, he maintains that HBO’s cautious approach has shown positive results so far, with existing shows experiencing an uptick in viewership.

‘Sex and the City’ Sequel and Movies

On another note, both ‘Sex and the City’ movies and the TV show’s sequel series, ‘And Just Like That’, will remain exclusive to HBO’s streaming service, Max.

Wrapping Up

In summary, fans of ‘Sex and the City’ are sure to enjoy its arrival on Netflix. Viewers can immerse themselves in the unique tales of the four iconic New York City women starting from April 1. For more engaging content, do check out HitPlay.

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