Mason Gooding Discusses Scream 7 Future Amidst Cast & Director Chaos

The horror genre is in the midst of a thriving revival, with many iconic films making triumphant returns to the big screen through sequels and reboots. A prime example of this trend can be found in the beloved Scream franchise, which recently delighted fans with two rapidly produced offerings that raked in impressive box office returns. However, the future of Scream 7 is plagued by uncertainty and setbacks— leaving fans eagerly speculating about the direction the franchise might take. Mason Gooding, who portrays Chad Meeks-Martin in the series, offered a mixture of both cynicism and hopeful optimism regarding the future of the Scream franchise.

Gooding’s Perspective

News of Scream 7 was soon followed by the revelation that Christopher Landon of Happy Death Day fame would replace Radio Silence as the director. This sparked excitement among fans, but the subsequent departure of stars Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, followed by Landon himself, stirred up concerns about the sequel’s future. Despite this, Mason Gooding reassured fans in an interview with Variety, stating that as long as the movie proved profitable, production would continue. He encapsulated this sentiment by saying, “If it could make money, I guarantee you, they’ll make it.”

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Uncertain Future

Gooding’s commentary, although tinged with cynicism, offers hope to fans of the franchise. However, the details of the upcoming movie remain largely enigmatic. The unexpected departure of Barrera and Ortega, known as the Carpenter sisters in the films, especially jeopardizes the continuity of the franchise. Their characters played pivotal roles in recent films, and it remains uncertain whether the story would continue without them.

Could Scream 7 Still Happen?

Despite significant setbacks, Gooding believes that Scream 7 may still push forward. The film has been shrouded in silence since the loss of its director and key stars, leaving fans wondering about the franchise’s future. Although the Meeks-Martin twins are presumed to have significant contributions, other actors like Jasmin Savoy Brown claimed they are yet to be approached.

Can the Scream Legacy Continue without Key Characters?

The departure of Scream 7‘s director and stars understandably fuels concerns about the plot’s continuity. Fans are particularly apprehensive about the absence of Ortega and Barrera. This change may prompt Paramount to orchestrate Neve Campbell’s return as Sidney Prescott, a fan-favorite character. Campbell’s earlier withdrawal from Scream VI due to a pay dispute was met with widespread disappointment.

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Wrapping Up

Although faced with significant challenges, the making of Scream 7 remains a possibility, thanks to potential returns of legacy characters and the steadfast resolve of the film’s remaining cast and crew. The flim is currently in development, with no assigned release date yet. Meanwhile, you can quench your thirst for horror and suspense by streaming the last two movies with a Paramount+ subscription. Be sure to also stay updated with the movie release dates for 2024. To catch up on the latest filming news, tips, and insights, visit HitPlay.