Kyle Richards Refutes Rumors of Romance with Morgan Wade

As rumors of a romantic relationship between Kyle Richards, a star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and country singer Morgan Wade continue to circulate, Richards recently addressed the issue. Responding to a blind item that fans believed was evidence of their relationship, Richards refuted the claims and maintained that the item was not about them. This development comes amidst speculation surrounding Richards’s marital issues with Mauricio Umansky and the subsequent rumors about other relationships.

Kyle Richards On Rumors

The whispers around Kyle Richard’s personal life intensified following the news regarding her marital misunderstandings with Mauricio Umansky. Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills swiftly assumed there may be other women in the picture and have since kept a close eye on women seen with Mauricio. However, it was Morgan Wade who consistently tied up with Richard, leading to expeculations about their relationship.

Several fans have been anticipating Richards and Wade to declare their bond, although Richards has affirmed that the interpretation of the blind item was misplaced even if they were actually a couple.

Kyle’s Response To The Blind Item

In a conversation on Amazon Live, Richards spoke out regarding the rumors associated with the blind item. She stated, “That is not true. That blind item is not about me,” expressing her surprise and raising queries about the identity involved.

The confusion originated from an Instagram post from the account @DeuxMoi that suggested a country singer was getting ready to announce a largely publicized relationship. The tip-off also hinted towards an upcoming magazine cover revealing the couple which would surprise many.

The Origin of Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Speculation

The email that tipped off was titled “[email protected],” leading several to suspect that Richards was the cougar referenced. Nonetheless, as the report was sent anonymously as a blind item, Kyle still has plausible deniability. Despite her seemingly nervous interaction with the question, it remains possible that the blind item might be about a different couple.

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Wrapping Up

While Richards has brushed off any rumors about her relationship with Wade, the speculation continues to be a topic of discussion among RHOBH fans. Whether or not the blind item indeed pertains to the pair is yet to be definitively proven. Check out HitPlay for regular updates on this story and similar content.


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