Kelsey Grammer Talks About Frasier Returning to Cheers

Ever since Dr. Frasier Crane found his way back to Boston, fans have been abuzz about whether the renowned psychiatrist will return to his old stomping ground – the iconic Cheers bar. Kelsey Grammer, known for brilliantly portraying the eponymous character, has addressed these speculations, interestingly proposing an alternative that does not involve stepping back into the bartender-ruled establishment.

Grammer’s Thoughts on Frasier/Cheers Crossover

During an interview with Deadline, Grammer shot down the idea of revisiting Cheers, citing it as a monumental chapter in television history. However, he contemplated an interesting twist for a holiday special – modern Frasier reminiscing about the hilarious situations he found himself in at Cheers, without the need for the original cast to make an appearance. While it’s just an idea for now, who knows what the future could hold!

A Nod to Cheers on Frasier Sequel Series

Despite Grammer’s hesitation towards a full-fledged return, it’s clear that Cheers still holds a special place for the creators and cast of Frasier. James Burrows, co-creator of Cheers, appreciated an homage to the old bar in the inaugural episode of the Frasier revival.

“It’s the one line in the pilot that I begged [Cristalli and Harris] not to lose. It’s tender to my heart, but also, it’s a way of acknowledging the birth of the character — and they were sweet enough to leave that line in.” – James Burrows

The beloved bar is also referenced during the fifth episode, when Frasier candidly talks about feeling like a misfit despite being a regular at the famed bar every night. Subtly alluding to the Cheers theme song, a friend cleverly retorts, “Nobody knew your name”.

Frasier’s New Hangout in the Revival Series

While Frasier might take his time making his way back to Cheers, he has already found a new watering hole – Mahoney’s Taproom, a loving tribute to the late John Mahoney who played Martin Crane, Frasier’s father. With intriguing moments like these, it’s evident that the creators value both the show’s history and the evolution of its iconic character. Tune in to Paramount+ to catch the ongoing adventures of Frasier Crane.

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