‘Hacks’ Stars Talk Filming Steamy Season 3 Scenes

In the upcoming season of the critically-acclaimed television show “Hacks,” Hannah Einbinder, who plays Ava Daniels, is to participate in a “make-out scene” with “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks. The Emmy-winning comedian revealed this during a recent discussion with Entertainment Tonight.

Discussion with the Stars of “Hacks”

Jean Smart, Einbinder’s colleague and a multifaceted performer known for her role on “Hacks”, asked Einbinder about her response to an intimate scene with Hendricks in the upcoming season. Einbinder humorously declared, “God is real,” which led to an outbreak of laughter from Smart. The following video provides this amusing interaction between the show’s stars:

“Hacks” Season Three Updates

The third season of “Hacks” follows the events in the life of Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) and Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder) after a year from where the previous season concluded. Vance is seen thriving on the popularity of her stand-up special while Daniels is back in Los Angeles, hunting for new undertakings, as indicated in the official synopsis.

Returning cast members for the third installment include Paul W. Downs, Megan Stalter, Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Kaitlin Olson, Christopher McDonald, Mark Indelicato, Rose Abdoo, and Lorenza Izzo. Well-known personalities such as J. Smith-Cameron, Helen Hunt, Christopher Lloyd, and Hendricks will appear as guest stars.

Viewing Details for “Hacks” Season Three

The show’s new season commences on May 2 on Max with a pair of initial episodes. The nine-episode season will subsequently air two episodes every week leading up to the season finale on May 30. Fans of the show are encouraged to watch the first and second seasons now in anticipation of the new release.

It’s worth noting that the details surrounding the on-air discussion between the stars of “Hacks” came via an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Wrapping Up

All set for the return of “Hacks”? Binge-watch the previous seasons and stay tuned for the latest episodes. For further updates and more such exciting content, visit HitPlay.

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