Justin Hartley’s Tracker Season 2: Sofia Pernas Returns & More

Fans of Justin Hartley’s hit CBS series Tracker can look forward to the return of the show for its second season, beginning in the 2024-2025 TV schedule. Based on Jeffery Deaver’s novel The Never Game, Tracker has captivated audiences since its premiere in February 2023.

Season 1 Success and Renewal

Tracker premiered right after Super Bowl LVIII and quickly became a favorite among viewers. The procedural drama centers around Colter Shaw, played by Justin Hartley, a survivalist who travels across the country solving missing person cases and more. With impressive viewership numbers, CBS confirmed the show’s return for a second season even before the first season concluded.

Main Cast and Guest Stars

Justin Hartley will resume his role as Colter Shaw in the upcoming season. The show also stars Robin Weigert as Teddi, Abby McEnany as Velma, Eric Graise as Bobby, Fiona Rene as Reenie, Jensen Ackles as Colter’s brother Russell, and Melissa Roxburgh as his sister Dory. The finale of season 1 introduced Jennifer Morrison as Colter’s childhood friend Lizzy, suggesting her recurring presence in future episodes.

Sofia Pernas’ Role

Sofia Pernas left a lasting impact in her season 1 appearance as Colter’s rival Billie. According to Hartley, Pernas will return more frequently in the upcoming season. Speaking with Deadline, Hartley confirmed that the show has “pretty cool stuff” planned for her character.

What to Know About Season 2 of Justin Hartleys Hit Show Tracker Sofia Pernas Return and More
Sofia Pernas as Billie and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Ed Araquel/CBS

Plot and Character Dynamics

Season 2 promises to delve deeper into Colter Shaw’s past and familial relationships, including the unresolved mystery surrounding his father’s mysterious death. The finale of the first season revealed new layers to Colter’s family history and set up various storylines that will be explored further in the upcoming season.

Guest Star Appearances

Justin Hartley indicated in an interview with The Wrap that both Jensen Ackles and Melissa Roxburgh may return, subject to their schedules. As the series often features high-profile guest stars, fans can anticipate more appearances from their favorite actors.

Legal Troubles and Action Scenes

Throughout the first season, Colter’s commitment to solving cases led to numerous run-ins with the law. Hartley humorously pointed out a running joke among the show’s crew about the list of Colter’s legal transgressions. These action-packed scenes will likely continue to be a hallmark of the series.

'Tracker' Finale Reveals Where Jensen Ackles' Russell Disappeared to After Reunion With Colter
Justin Hartley and Melissa Roxburgh Darko Sikman/CBS

Scheduling and Viewer Expectations

Despite its popularity, Tracker faced scheduling challenges in its first season due to other network programming. These delays frustrated viewers, who expressed their concerns on social media. CBS is likely to adjust the show’s airing time to avoid similar issues in the second season.

What to Know About Season 2 of Justin Hartleys Hit Show Tracker Sofia Pernas Return and More
Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Sergei Bachlakov/CBS

Wrapping Up

As Tracker gears up for its second season, fans can expect more thrilling cases, deeper character explorations, and appearances from an impressive roster of guest stars. Keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the season 2 premiere date and exciting storylines to come.

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