Scarlett Johansson’s Husband and Michael Che Swap Jokes

In the recent Saturday Night Live (SNL) season finale, a comedic feud was jokingly established between Kendrick Lamar, the self-avowed Boogeyman of the rap genre, and SNL’s co-anchor Michael Che. This humorous altercation transpired during SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ segment, a beloved part of the show known for its joke swaps.

‘Weekend Update’ Segment: A Friendly Crossfire of Wit

To dismiss the season with a notable jest, co-anchor Colin Jost leveraged the ‘Weekend Update’ segment to perturb his co-host, Michael Che. As the comedic duo exchanged unorthodox and mildly inappropriate lines, Che unintentionally ventured into a potentially tongue-in-cheek feud with rapper Kendrick Lamar.

While both exchanged rib-tickling lines, Che dropped a bombshell, directing his humor at Lamar. “And speaking of btches, I want to call out the biggest btches of them all, Kendrick Lamar,” said Che, adding jestingly, “Or should I say the littlest? Your war with Drake may be over but your war with Michael Che is just beginning.”

Che’s Light-Hearted Challenge: An Amusing Tribute to Kendrick Lamar

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Observing Che’s hesitation while delivering the script, it appeared he was familiar with Lamar’s renowned lyrical prowess and was potentially apprehensive about Lamar’s response. Despite a touch of caution, Che sportingly played along with the comedic heckling. Post the humor-filled callout, Che commended Jost for his comedic setup, stating, “That was pretty well done.”

You may enjoy the entire ‘Weekend Update’ segment here: Watch the full segment here.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, the SNL season finale played host to an entertaining, joke-fueled banter between Kendrick Lamar and Michael Che. Despite the humorous allegations, both acts were involved in good humor, rounding up another enrapturing season of SNL. For more catchy content like this, visit HitPlay.

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